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Reviewer1026858发表于 11月 11, 2008

For years, I could not eat the spicy foods I love and I still had all kinds of stomach problems. Since I started taking this, I have been able to eat spicy foods whenever I like amd I no longer buy any kind of stomach acid product.


a must have for anyone suffering from heart burn, gerd, acid reflux, etc.

Reviewer2116014发表于 1月 24, 2010

I am in my 50s and I take this to help me digest my food. It has helped dramatically in relieving me of heart burn and acid reflux. I also give this to my 89 yo mother who was always coughing after her meals and doctors had no clue that it was related to low acid, low enzyme levels. After she takes this, she stops coughing after her meals. Oh yes, I also take digestive enzymes.


It made me hungry feeling!

Reviewer1935118发表于 6月 24, 2010

I am a male 57, and I've taken it two capsules at the start of each meal. I took one more capsule of it when I had more food. The result is great...my stomach seems working normal. Now, I have feeling of hungry when it comes to mealtime that is awesome!


Helps my stomach digest meat

Reviewer2042589发表于 2月 03, 2012

I recently started eating beef after not having done so for about 22 years. Before ingesting beef, I take a couple of these and it makes it easier for my stomach to digest. I also use it before other high-protein meals.


No more PPIs for me!!

Reviewer3077218发表于 10月 31, 2007

I have had problems with indigestion and a "full" feeling. The docs kept trying me on PPIs, but nothing worked. It seems too much acid was not the problem at all. I was not digesting properly. This product has helped me tremendously!!


Finally feel like I'm digesting food

Reviewer1634009发表于 11月 15, 2009

I have a lot of problems with digestion. I tried a different brand of betaine hci and couldn't tell I had taken anything. I ordered the NOW brand and I can definitely tell a difference. I don't have the cramps and bloat that I normally get after every meal and they don't burn my stomach.



Reviewer2314092发表于 5月 21, 2012

OMW.... Instant relief!! Awesome product! As a GERD sufferer I don't always get it right, hard as I might try; before I know it, I wake up with the most agonising burn up my esophagus for which I usually get up and take some baking soda for symptomatic relief. Of course, that just makes you more alkaline, so it was time to take things in hand and find a solution. Betaine Hcl with pepsin is fantastic! UPDATE 22/05/2012 For some reason, I fell out of the habit of using the Betane HCl what with moving, etc. Having been chronically ill for many years, and having done juice fasts / feasts many a time, I recently decided to do a water fast. It lasted 17 days. I was extremely careful to break in slowly and properly. Still, as soon as I started eating tiny amounts of solid foods (fruit, green salad) I became aware that I was not digesting my food at all! My digestion was just not waking up properly. At least not until I remembered my Betaine HCI and other digestive enzymes - problem solved.


good product

Reviewer1276468发表于 12月 20, 2007

I use the betaine as a very important part of a dietary regimen to control rosacea. This product is affordable and works well.


Betaine HCl

Reviewer2644286发表于 12月 28, 2009

This was ordered for my daughter who has a complex set of digestive problems which she treats successfully homeopathically. She does not like to be without this product. It seems to give quick and thorough relief when she has a surprise digestive upset.


Great product for Vitaligo

Reviewer1359763发表于 8月 26, 2011

This is what my husband uses for Vitaligo. We have been to just about every doctor world wide trying to figure out what to do and have done some very strange therapies. After many years and many dollars we found that there is an enzyme in the liver that vitaligo folks just don't have and this helps through the digestion to assimilate certain foods. He takes it religiously with every meal. His skin pigment has been coming back but it is a very slow process, but it works just be patient.


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