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Great Detoxifier

Reviewer2441510发表于 Feb 02, 2009

I have trouble with detoxification due to a weak liver, so vitamin C is an important part of my daily regimen. Some time ago, I discovered the benefit of taking 2 additional tablets before eating out. This has dramatically reduced the number of headaches I was suffering from MSG and other hidden additives, especially during vacations or travel when preparing my own food was impossible. NOW brand always provides top quality at the most reasonable price, and iHerb is the best of the best!


NOW products are the best!

Reviewer3037881发表于 Apr 03, 2008

I especially like their non-acidic vitamin C, 1000 Mg tablets, since I can't take the acidic kind without stomach problems. NOW products are reasonable in cost and of very high quality and the nutritionist I saw for some time agreed completely on this.


Now Foods C

Reviewer2550937发表于 May 03, 2008

Very pleased with this product. Have used Ester-C in the past but find this to be just as effective and much less expensive. Thanks IHerbs!!


Good ole vitamin C

Reviewer3231842发表于 Aug 26, 2008

Pros: Contains a large amount of bioflavinoids, is a time relased vitamin C Cons: Tablets are very large -- as large as my multi (Life Force Multiple Tablets without Iron), and so may be difficult for some to swallow


Vitamin C

Reviewer1557324发表于 Nov 02, 2009

Appears to be a good product. I will order it again. It gives me no stomach distress even at does of 3-6,000 Mg. per day. I am using it with hopes of warding off winter respiritroy infections I normally get.


Great for scheduling. Can take any time on empty stomach.

Reviewer1660870发表于 May 17, 2011

Since this doesn't burn the stomach it's easy to schedule into your day. I take 1 first thing on an empty stomach with my adrenal extract Isocort. I was advised to take vit C along with adrenal extract by a smart herbalist/naturopath. It would have been hard to without food if I used normal vitamin C. I take 3 of these day as part of the effort to hold and then reverse chronic fatigue and related symptoms that indicate wide systemic stress.



Reviewer2638360发表于 Apr 17, 2008

I like the NOW vitamins. vitamin c is one of the most important to take


Impossible to swallow

Testaholic发表于 Jun 01, 2011

I have never met a pill I could now swallow before up to these ones. The pill should have been smaller.


Great value for Vitamin C in slow release

fenderon发表于 Feb 21, 2012

This formula is not acid - so it can be taken on empty stomach and great for those who suffer from Heartburn.


Good product

Reviewer3049352发表于 Oct 12, 2012

Love now foods brands. Good for those with allergies and intolerances. Makes my skin brighter every day. Are larger pills, but don't have any taste when going down.


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