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Perfect vitamin c product!

Reviewer2292722发表于 Oct 01, 2008

I think This is a good product. I take it myself and I give a 1/8 spoon a day to the dog also together with vitamin B complex, B50 also from now and it works amazing!!! The dog was always scared and shy, but in 2 weeks she was much more relaxed. She is also playing with her toys everyday now at an age of 10 years. Before she played sometimes, but not daily. So I really recommend this product to humans and animals!


Fantastic Vitamin C Supplement!!

Reviewer1115695发表于 Aug 02, 2013

I've bee using this supplement for years. It's the purest cleanest one I can find other than some of the "whole food" organic one's out there for $40 a tiny bottle. I'm a little surprised at some of these bad reviews on this supplement. This isn't candy or food , it's a supplement. Very natural and not bombarded with sugars ,fillers, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, or even magnesium Stearate not to mention it's buffered and has Rose hips, Acerola and Bioflavonoids. It's VERY difficult to find a supplement on the market like this. One review states they put it in a smoothie and can't even taste it yet still only gave it a two stars. It does taste terrible but that has absolutely no effect on the quality and results of this as a supplement. It's NOT candy, it's a supplement and a VERY good one at that.


Now Foods, C-complex Powder

Reviewer1982143发表于 Jul 27, 2008

I use 1/2 teaspoon of C-Complex powder 3 yimes a day to help combat intersticial cystitis. It works with 1 tespoon of Now Foods L-lysine to help heal the lesions in my bladder. It's working.


Best Ester-C Complex

Reviewer2855754发表于 Nov 12, 2008

I love this and have used it for over a year. I prefer powders to capsules as it is more economical, plus the ingredients in this is perfect: Ester-C - the brand name of calcium ascorbate - is the best form of vitamin C. It also has rosehips and acerola, and bioflavinoids to provide a well-rounded Vitamin C product. I take a ton of this when I am starting to feel "off." The powder is a bit bitter, but don't let it scare you away from trying it unless you are picky about that kind of thing.


Great bulk form of Vitamin C

Reviewer1075408发表于 Aug 08, 2008

This is a great bulk form of Vitamin C. Has the non acidic version of ascorbic along with a few natural sources of C. It's a keeper


Not bad!

Reviewer2078081发表于 Mar 04, 2010

The taste does take a little getting use to, but it is not too bad. I've tasted a lot worse. I like the fact that there is nothing extra added for fillers or a capsule to dissolve in my stomach. I've had no problems with taking it. Seems like a good vitamin C.


good product, great price

Reviewer3020750发表于 Jun 24, 2008

I don't use this myself, but I do feed it to my dogs. Vitamin C in dogs has been show to improve joint function and I can say from experience that supplementing vitamin C has made a drastic difference in my oldest dogs joints. I ran out of this about a month ago, and just never got around to reordering. By the end of the month my furbaby was definitely more stiff in her hips than she had been. A quarter teaspoon of this a day and she's moving free and was once again.


Good nonacidic alternative to Ester C.

Reviewer2704349发表于 Oct 31, 2007

Lots of powders out there, wanted something nonacidic, and the minerals are a plus. Some other reviewers think it tastes horrible, to me it's not bad, on a par with Ester-C powder.


very good

5721491829228096193发表于 Jan 15, 2014

very good & effective


Pure Product

SherryB发表于 Aug 23, 2012

Now has several cost effective, pure products without additives. I am concerned about some of the additives in capsules. Unfortunately, I do not drink juices and trying to palate this powder in water is harsh. I eventually gave up.


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