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Perfect Duo

Reviewer3313462发表于 4月 23, 2009

I love this product although I have found that the plain magnesium mixes much better than this duo. I use the plain and supplement with tablets of calcium citrate although I have to pay a higher price. My suggestion is to disolve this in hot water with lemon and stevia and drink right before bedtime! It works! and..by the way excellent for stool softening.


Great help with anxiety levels

Reviewer2721150发表于 7月 14, 2009

I suffer from severe anxiety and have done for over 15 years. The calcium and magnesium together has a significant calming effect. This together with B vitamins is something that is a must for huge relief from anxiety and stress - It is a must have!


Marvellous--Tastes great in concentrated, icy juice

Reviewer3226516发表于 9月 18, 2008

I researched various calcium/magnesium products in detail and decided to get this one due to high absorbability, chemical composition, and price. I found the perfect way to take this without having the problem of an undissolved, gritty, unpleasant residue. I stir one heaping teaspoon into ca. 1/2 cup of concentrated juice. Frozen juice tastes even better. It makes a thick, icy, tangy slush that tastes like a dessert. It is best to take this at lunch or dinner because the vitamin D requires a little fat to be utilized. Great Product!


Calcium & Magnesium powder

Reviewer1568906发表于 9月 11, 2009

This product is very good. I've used another powder calcium/magnesium product that is in a smaller container so I tried this one instead. Here is the best way I learned from the other product to take this. Take 4 ounces of hot water and mix the dose amount in the hot water and stir really good. There is basically no taste....if you like you can add an ounce or two of juice but there really isn't any taste and I like this product very much. It does act as a good stool softener. I do take an additional calcium pill to be sure and get the amount of calcium for daily needs but none of the calcium magnesium products seems to have enough of the daily calcium need.



helpbartus发表于 3月 10, 2011

very good product-would recommend


Second Order

Reviewer1281263发表于 6月 16, 2011

Without this product I get heart palpitations and crazy legs! I used to use a very expensive all magnesium product I'd buy from my local health food store in Australia ($35-40) this is very good and much less.


Won't buy again

Reviewer2720007发表于 12月 08, 2010

doesn't dissolve the greatest. You have to keep stirring it while you drink it. It could have a better taste also.


Didn't Dissolve

Reviewer2093039发表于 5月 03, 2010

I love NOW products and had high hopes for this one but was terribly disappointed. Although I tried dissolving it in hot water, it remained chalky. If it won't dissolve in hot water, I can hardly expect it to assimilate inside my body. No, I prefer Peter Gillams CalMag powder, which dissolves instantly and works well.


Now Foods, Calcium & Magnesium

Reviewer3005055发表于 1月 22, 2009

Very sour.



Reviewer1675634发表于 2月 19, 2009

I don't like this product at all. It is very hard to make it all dissolve in liquid and always leaves a gritty sludge at the bottom of the glass. The taste grosses me out too.


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