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Measurements for Stevia extract

Reviewer1851115发表于 Jan 08, 2008

I worked out the equivalent measurements for this product. One TEASPOON is the equivalent of one CUP of sugar. I made some pumpkin pies using this ratio (ONE AND 1/2 TEASPOONS TOTAL for two deep dish pies) and they turned out fantastic. Not cloying sweet but with a slight honey aftertaste. Great value, wish there were larger containers.



4815906586666087871发表于 Aug 26, 2015

WARNING: Label DOES NOT indicate that this is a product of China and packaged in US. The item you receive has this printed on the label. For shame NOW and sloppy iherb. For increased corporate profits you lie to and cheat your loyal customers.


best sweetener yet

Reviewer3203834发表于 Feb 25, 2010

This Stevia extract does not compare with the most popular Stevia product which has been cut with a filler. It takes only a fraction of a teaspoon to sweeten my beverages. It has no bitter or aftertaste.


Love this product!

jeplace发表于 Mar 27, 2007

Stevia is so healthy for you - the best sugar substitute - or low cal substitute. It is an herb. I have taken this for a long time. I like the taste of this product better than other stevia products. You only need a tiny bit, but i do find once you get used to the tasted, you need more for that sweet taste if you are lookinf for that. It is a great price, less than health food stores, however I notice the price here was just raised fro last time I ordered it.


I love it

Reviewer2188044发表于 Feb 23, 2010

I love this product and particularly the fact that it is organic, which makes a big difference to me. It tastes great and I wished more stevia powders were organic with no added ingredients.


Stevia >> Artificial Sweeteners

Reviewer2654632发表于 Sep 16, 2010

Stevia is actually natural, and outside the US is approved for use as a sweetener and has been for many years. It is around 300 times sweeter than sugar, so a little goes a long way. The straight extract also does not contain any of the cheap bulking agents that raise caloric content and are high GI like glucose or maltodextrin. It does have the ever slightest aftertaste, though. I mix it with erythritol for texture and bulk, and the combination seems to eliminate the aftertaste.


NOW Stevia Extract

Reviewer1811886发表于 May 22, 2010

I love this sweetener! It's great in hot chocolate and i also make lemonade low-glycemic, low-calorie, delicious lemonade using this sweetener. Juice one lemon. Add twice as much water as lemon juice. Add Stevia Extract to desired sweetness.


Nice substitute

Reviewer1296906发表于 Oct 14, 2010

I really like this sweetener. Only takes a small amount to sweeten anything. Tastes bitter by itself but once added to something loses all bitter taste and sweetens very well. Highly recommended.



5394297633422633993发表于 Nov 28, 2013

Best stevia I have tasted


Great and Inexpensive

Reviewer1900143发表于 Dec 31, 2013

I've used the liquid Stevia. Decided to try this for good Stevia that is less expensive. Have gone through six bottles of this. It has worked out as much less expensive. It is good. Always NOW for quality.


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