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Great For Many Problems

Reviewer2825774发表于 Sep 09, 2012

I've been taking this for a little over a month and can say it absolutely works! I first bought these to increase hair and nail growth, which it has done, but it has had other positive effects. For instance, it has tremendously helped my memory. I was getting concerned about losing my memory and at one point had trouble recalling my own social security number. Since taking these, I can memorize someone's phone number after looking at it just once! I'm so relieved now. It also calms me down. I am naturally a very nervous/anxious person and when I take these, I feel so calm. I take 2 a day, one at lunch and the other before bed. Maybe I have an imbalance or something, but these really worked for me. I take these along with L-Carnosine, DMAE, and Acetyl-L-Carnitine for a synergistic anti-aging effect.


vital for nerve regeneration

Reviewer2314959发表于 Nov 02, 2009

i started to taking this to recover damaged nerves along the spine from heavy metal toxicity. since chelating out the metals from the body, this has been one of the must for my daily regimen. i can feel the strengthening of the nerve sheaths and will be taking until my body says enough. the side effects is that my hair falls out a lot less after finishing couple of bottles.


Two Great Vitamins

Reviewer2427281发表于 Aug 19, 2009

Inositol is good for arteriosclerosis along with vitamin k and grape seed extract. Choline is needed for the synthesis of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine.


Fantastic stuff!!

notsteveaustin发表于 Oct 31, 2007

I buy this for my mom who swears by it for keeping your hair from falling out!


Good product

Reviewer2526879发表于 Nov 09, 2008

My brain functioning improved significantly. No more "foggy thinking" in the morning. On the other hand, my wife, who takes the same caps, didn't notice any change in her brain activities.


No more pain!!

Reviewer1936668发表于 Jul 04, 2007

Thank you for carrying this hard to find mineral combination that helps my bone pain and carpal-tunnel-like symptoms go away!


I take 1 cap and 1 hour later I go to bed

MichaelLabib发表于 Oct 03, 2010

It's a wow product, can't say more. I just take one capsule and in less than one hour, I feel so sleepy that I can't resist going to the bed. I sleep without being anxious, it's pretty much like a sleeping pill but without any side effects. It's also a brain food but I just started taking it 3 days ago so I didn't see any effects on the brain yet.


Now Foods, Choline & Inositol

Reviewer1403526发表于 Nov 05, 2008

Easy to swallow. It's worked wonderfully to relieve some of the painful symptoms of fibromyalgia.


endometriosis treatment

5280615812874896036发表于 Nov 11, 2013

This product makes me calmer, and my skin is so much softer. B complex alone could not have calmed me as well as this stuff. Choline gets rid of the dioxins. I take it to support the liver flush out excess estrogen, and thus treat endometriosis..


Another Product That is Great for the Ears

maria-and-xenios发表于 Oct 20, 2013

My doctor told me to take choline/inositol along with bioflavonoids for that ringing in my ears. Within a week, I could sleep without waking up to the sound of alarms. Thank you, iHerb!


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