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a bit different smell than what I expected

5731096994704287391发表于 May 03, 2016

I bought it to drop in a diffuser. I love the smell of jasmine tea so I was expecting the same from this essential oil. However it is rather unpleasant smell to me. It smells very strong though.



5230899100975771011发表于 Apr 06, 2016

the smell so good flowery and refreshing


Perfect fragrance but too weak

5098612885233689101发表于 Mar 18, 2015

I was hoping to buy jasmine to use in my vaporiser. The product was of really good quality but the fragrance, which is lovely and exactly what i wanted, just isn't strong enough. That may be my fault if jasmine absolute isn't intended for vaporisers as it is a blend. Either way, I'm very happy with everything from price, delivery etc, just wish fragrance was stronger.


Not the best

5658988038001024723发表于 Jul 20, 2014

Smells a bit fake. didn't like the smell. i prefer the 15ml jasmine by Aura Cacia.


great instead of perfume

ievinia发表于 Jan 04, 2014

Mano mėgstamiausi kvepalai. jau daug metų naudoju vietoj kvepalų eterinius aliejus - šie mano mėgstamiausi, kartu su yalng yalng. Nerealus kvapas...:) Vienas blogumas - jie gaminti su vynuogių kauliukų aliejaus pagrindu, kursi labai greitai genda ir pakeičia kvapą :( My favouriet perfumes, I use esential oils instead of perfume for many years now, these are my favourite together with yalang yalang.. Just amazing scent.. Only bad thing though - they are made on the base of grape seed oil which doesn't store well and they change scent quite quickly :(


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NOW foods, essential Oils Jasmine, the best of the best !!

5498458772687925694发表于 Nov 18, 2013

The best of the best !!


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Very strong scent

drewmastro发表于 Jun 25, 2013

If you're after jasmine for aromatherapy don't pay any more, even diluted this is pure enough to smell as you'd expect! Lovely mixed in the bath and with moisturisers, great for all skin types as well, with healing and calming properties.


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a disappointment

Reviewer1072698发表于 May 15, 2013

I've bought a few other essential oils from Now Foods before and they were very good. So i was rather surprised that this jasmine absolute oil hardly smelled at all. I added 20 drops to my diffuser and the scent was not noticeable. On top of it all, the nozzle did not work well, the oil took ages to come. It was a waste of money.


Sensual Aromatherapy

rabbit发表于 Aug 16, 2012

Jasmine promotes sensuality and relaxed awareness. It's really great for people with anxiety. I like to dab a little of this on my wrist as a natural perfume or add a few drops to my bath water. The scent is particularly beautiful in the spring and summer. Besides it's amazing scent, it also has antidepressant, aphrodisiac, and sedative properties. NOW Foods brand is always a great bargain.


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A Great Way to Experience Jasminum Grandiflorum

Reviewer1746353发表于 Jul 11, 2012

This is a way to get a subtle but complete and full scent of jasmine essential oil. At 100% pure, jasmine is an orange-brown, thick liquid with an intense aroma. One drop goes a long way. Now Essential Oils gives us a 7.5% blend of pure jasmine mixed with grapeseed oil that works. Seven drops yields just over a half of drop of pure oil that I rub into the center of my forehead, temples and wrists, thus spreading it out and allowing it to give me a really great aromatherapy experience. It will lift your Spirit. After trying this oil, if you feel you want to take jasmine to the next level, there are some 100% pure absolute oils available commercially. Start here.


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