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Reviewer1389802发表于 Apr 21, 2010

It works, I definately feel less stress when I take it. However, for some reason it makes me itch/burn ALL OVER my body a few minutes after I use it. The feeling is similar to taking niacin except I don't turn red and it only lasts for about 5-10 minutes. Also, the last time I used it I started feeling paranoid, like a bad highschool episode of experimenting with "ahem" grass. My heartbeat was slowed down significantly and my legs were so relaxed I didn't want to move, but I was having the strangest sensation that I was going to die from the GABA powder. That the GABA powder was going to kill me. So I couldn't fall asleep. LOL it was kind of funny but not at the same time. For reference, I only took the recommended dosage so no, I was not ODing lol. Anyway, not for me unless I'm having a bad panic attack because it works very very quickly.


Do not purchase for anxiety relief

Reviewer1425851发表于 Dec 14, 2008

GABA does not cross the blood-brain barrier. Supplementing with l-glutamine provides the brain with the raw materials it needs to synthesize GABA and glutamate. GABA in this form depresses the respiratory system and mildly relaxes muscles, which may make it a "shotgun" treatment for people experiencing sympathetic overarousal like high blood pressure, muscle tension, and a rapid heartbeat. Dont expect this to act like a perscription muscle relaxant; it's only really effective for treating neuro-muscular seizures. If taken in large, multi-gram amounts I can guarantee you that you will fear for your safety. It will suppress your ability to breath and remind you of those stories regarding opiate overdoses.


Powder is awful

Reviewer2643727发表于 Aug 30, 2007

awful. Taken on an empty, before meals, after meals, with meals, with juice, etc, etc -- it always badly upsets my stomach. Try the v-caps or pack your own in empty capsules.


just did not felt right

5578561642755857650发表于 Apr 05, 2014

Not sure, but to me it felt like the product was in the realms of artificiality, in relation to the natural stuff. The effect was clearly noticeable, but really felt more like a temporary drug. The more I got into the natural recipes, sources, the more my body and mind reacts to products like these (along with DMAE, L Pyroglutamic acid which I bought in a desperate effort to find some help). Can't recommend. Just as yourself: natural and holistic way or quick and easy fix -route?


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