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Indol 3 Carbinol and Breast Cancer

Reviewer3122801发表于 11月 11, 2006

This product taken with Tamoxifen makes the Tamo more effective. See Life Extension article regarding this. I have been cancer free for two years and counting. I was diagnosed Stage 3C, so this is really good!!! I truly believe the Indole 3 Carbinol has helped me.


Great for perimenopause bleeding!

Reviewer1194625发表于 3月 15, 2010

I am 42 years-old and have had issues with excessive bleeding for the past 2 years. My gynocologist has ordered everything from birth control pills to a D&C. Nothing helped, until Indole-3-Carbinol. After using for almost 1 month, the bleeding has stopped. I cannot rave enough about this product!


Works for many but made me dizzy

Reviewer3219886发表于 12月 01, 2010

Started taking this about two months ago for estrogen dominance and a fibroid issue, was very excited about its potential. Two weeks ago, I started noticing dizziness on getting up which came and went, didn't connect it at all to the i3c, I was also having night sweats which I knew was a possible side effect of the i3c. Then while doing some more research online for my condition which hasn't improved as much as I would like, I came across a page with alot more information about side effects than I had ever seen and warnings about long term use, dizziness was listed as a side effect so I stopped taking them immediately and now feel much better. I'm going to try out DIM instead for a while and see how that works.


Indole-3-Carbinol with Flax Lignans

Reviewer2592627发表于 3月 10, 2009

I've opted to have my breast cancer treated in mexico. This is one of the suggested suppliments while I'm on my mild chemo. That's what I love about cancer treatment in Mexico, they do not try and over kill you with overdoses of chemo. I know for a fact that my Doctor doesn't take any kick backs for the pharmacutical companies. So far so good. I take 2 pills of Indole-3-Carbinol with Flax Lignans a day, morning and evening. So if you have cancer.......give this suppliment a try!!


solved my migraine and painful breasts

Reviewer2460336发表于 1月 01, 2009

This is the only supplement that eliminated the migraine (because of hormonal imbalance) i have had for many years. On my first month of use the painful breasts (before a period) were also eliminated. Will take this supplement forever especially after menopause to prevent breast cancer.


I feel this is important for women to take, and men too.

Reviewer1142540发表于 3月 09, 2013

I am not in menopause, but want to take it as prevention and health, and plan to continue taking once I get into menopause as well and the rest of my life. I take one in the morning and one at night. I also make sure I take enough omega 3 oils, calcium and vitamin D(Need to take blood test to test for what is appropriate level for yourself)-much higher than RDA recommended, not enough to depend on the sun, take a supplement, for strong bones and prevention of breast cancer. Usana supplements have higher levels of vitamin D added and good multiple vitamin set with vitamin D as well. In total, my vitamin D is about 4000 IU daily. Research shows a daily oral intake between 1,000 to 4,000 IU of vitamin D (depending upon your baseline vitamin D blood levels) is ideal. Vitamin D toxicity does not occur until blood levels reach 150 ng/ml or more; which would generally take an oral dose of 50,000 IU per day! Vitamin D status can be assessed by a blood test. Be careful about the lab’s reference ranges, because sometimes they will compare you to the "normal population," which is DEFICIENT...you don't want to be “normal” (or deficient in vitamin D). Optimal levels of vitamin D3 (25-hdroxyvitamin D) should be in the range of 30 – 50 ng/ml (or 75 – 125 nmol/L). What is fascinating, and critical for you to know is that there are well over 89 medical studies showing that high vitamin D blood levels (which can only be obtained by supplementing with more than 400 IU/day) reduce nearly all cancers, including cancers of the colon, rectum, breast, and prostate (some as much as 50%). Furthermore, vitamin D has been shown to suppress inflammation by reducing cytokines (inflammatory modulating molecules). Thus, taking at least 1,000 of vitamin D or more per day helps protect against inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, chronic muscle pain (fibromyalgia), congestive heart failure, diabetes, stroke, and mutliple sclerosis. God bless you all.


Helped eliminate my daughter's acne

Reviewer1038910发表于 12月 30, 2011

We've searched for a year to find something to help eliminate my daughter's acne. She has borderline PCOS (we found in the process. Through research we found that hormonal levels out of balance (because of PCOS) can result in acne. Indole-3-Carbinol helps control hormone levels. It's also good for cancer prevention in breast cancer (probably in estrogen sensitive breast cancer, check www.lef.org). It has helped tremendously. My daughter's acne is 95% better. She is going overseas soon and wants to take a year's supply with her! Try it for yourself and see the results. We highly recommend it.


Took after an abnormal pap…

Reviewer2542383发表于 5月 13, 2009

I started taking this after an abnormal pap. After 12 weeks of taking it, I went in for my colposcopy and cervical biopsy. The results came back normal. I stopped taking it and my next pap was still normal.


Great product.....

Reviewer1444182发表于 4月 23, 2011

I was having night sweats and irregular periods with heavy bleeding due to perimenopause even though I'm only 40. My doctor wanted to put me on a round of hormones for 3 months but I refused since I try to do things in a more natural way. After taking just one pill a day, a few weeks later I was having lighter periods and the night sweats weren't as severe. I do believe these pills have really helped.


The Best!!!!

Reviewer2607886发表于 4月 15, 2011

I don’t know if it is connected with Indol-3 Carbinol,but I had abnormal pap,so had biopsy done, which came back normal,my doctor told me to keep a close eye on my regular check-ups I decided to take Indole-3,after that all my results became normal, no more pre-cancerous cells!!!!Thank you so much!I am so happy scientists invented Indole-3 Carbinol,It helped me to get my paps back to normal,hope it will help a lot of women!!!!


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