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Experiencing relief

Reviewer2185013发表于 Jun 22, 2007

I have been using Now Joint Support Powder for three months to help my L-4,5 disk re-generate. The pain level has greatly diminished and I have had no acute onsets of low back pain. I also doing lumbar extension exercises in conjunction with the Joint Support Powder.


Helps with Arthritis Pain

Reviewer1958329发表于 Mar 12, 2008

I took a glucosamine/MSM product for several years but stopped because I didn't think I needed it. After a few months I was in a lot of pain in my fingers, knees and hip. I realized that I should not have stopped taking glucosamine. So I found this product and it worked faster than capsules or tablets because the powder dissolves in liquid so gets in the system faster. It is a little difficult to dissolve completely. Should probably shake it. I take it in a 100% juice product. I won't be without it now.


Great Product

Reviewer2466666发表于 Feb 20, 2009

I started having joint pain again after I stopped taking glucosamine (Knox Nutra Joint). I decided to start taking a joint supplement again and found this one. I really think it has helped because my joint pain (mainly knees) has gone away again.


Value for Money Collagen

RubiesHealth发表于 Jan 11, 2013

We have a local brand that sells the same thing in another name - collagen hydrolysate, and without glucosamine and MSM, for more than four times this price. It is touted as a cure-all for aches and pains. Generally, those who suffer from unexplained aches and pains could be having systemic yeast-overgrowth problem. When they replace their sugary-starchy drinks and snacks between meals with collagen (protein), they eradicate those yeast and find relief. This powder dissolves completely. It tastes great with carrot juice and fresh coconut water!


Great for dogs

Reviewer2029707发表于 May 20, 2008

After trying the vet medicine, which made our lab sick, have been using this product for at least 5 years. Our 11 yr old lab can do over 5 mile hikes and does not come up stiff and lame like she used to.


Joint support

TinVal发表于 Aug 21, 2012

Hydrolyzed form of gelatin is very easy to absorb. My knees and elbows become more flexible after taking this. The price is bit high for 312 grams.


Nick Moody

Reviewer2040251发表于 Apr 02, 2008

As a powerlifter and now bodybuilder for the last 20yrs. After finding this product my squeaky joints are relatively pain free. I strongly recommend this product to anyone concerned about healthy joint.


Cured our dogs hip pain!

Reviewer1674947发表于 Jun 29, 2010

Our dog used to limp after a long run or hard play with his buddies at doggie daycare. Started sprinkling this on his food each morning and symptoms are gone! Dog eats it right up and we don't have to struggle to get him to take a pill or pay the high price of doggie wafers!


very good

Reviewer1317710发表于 May 06, 2010

I love this stuff. It help my knees.


Joint Support Powder

Reviewer1441011发表于 Jun 23, 2010



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