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sea kelp

Reviewer2923029发表于 5月 30, 2009

I have been on thyroid meds for years. It's just slightly sluggish and found my prescription medication just wasn't working for me anymore. I was gaining weight and it was getting out of control. Nothing I did helped. Exercising, dieting, nothing. So I read an article about sea kelp with iodine helping to regulate slightly low thyroid. I have noticed in the past week that my pants seem to fit better and I don't have to struggle to get into them anymore. The sea kelps cost is low and I'm very happy now.


Now Foods, Kelp, 150mcg, 200 tablets

Reviewer2423607发表于 10月 27, 2008

Great product! I went from dragging to dancing in three weeks.


Pretty good

Reviewer2357699发表于 4月 29, 2009

I had read that taking increased iodine (kelp) would help boost my thyroid. The doctor took me off thyroid meds and I felt okay, but I think the kelp has helped boost my remaining thyroid lobe. I have plenty of energy without feeling "wired."


Metabolism increase

Reviewer2127988发表于 4月 19, 2009

I think these supplements speed up my metabolism. I have been taking these ever since my chiropractor tested me for iodine deficency. Apparently,lots of people who eat mostly natural foods are iodine deficent because of the lack of iodine in sea salt. These supplement have helped, but they make me hungry:) The will help your thyroid to functin more effectively.


Great Energy

Reviewer3170672发表于 10月 22, 2008

More energy, losing weight, I love it.



Reviewer2379718发表于 11月 02, 2008

I was a little scary to try it at first but the result's are very impressive. I have been trying to lose weight for a very long time and within weeks of taking kelp im almost where i want to be thank you so much for sending the ad for your product


Didn't Know I Needed ThisTill I Took It!

Reviewer2007983发表于 5月 16, 2012

My OB/GYN said that I need to take some otc iodine. When I checked out iHerb.com, I found this, and decided to try it. I have reduced swelling under my neck, wear choker necklaces with no choking feeling, (which many people commented, could no longer wear them...I'm 61) You may need to try this, if you are bothered by this problem. iHerb has great products!


good product and very affordable.......

Reviewer3076678发表于 3月 03, 2010

my mom and I are diagnose with hypothyroidism we're taking medication for thyroid but it's not really do much at all. i heard that kelp is good and also help speed up metabolism i order kelp 150 mcg and thyroid energy to try so far i haven't notice any weight loss yet but i have more energy and can actually sleep through the night wake up more refresh and ready to start my day. this product is good and very affordable for anyone with a low budget.


New Foods, Kelp

Reviewer2559880发表于 10月 16, 2008

I felt a difference within just a few days. The energy level was amazing.


good product

RhondiLynne发表于 2月 26, 2008

helps to give me energy. I dont feel sluggish when i take this.


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