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Rapid benefits for fatty liver, high cholesterol, muscle building & fat loss WITHOUT EXERCISE!!! =)

PurplePegasus发表于 Nov 13, 2012

I am very impressed with this product. I take it along with lecithin and it's a very potent lipotropic which act synergistically and together melts fat fast. I do take 2 or 3 caps per day and might up. My book said L-methionine is good for fatty liver, cholesterol, osteoporosis and chemical detox. It's a gentle detox without side effects. I have severe allergies to chemicals and this works much better than anything I've tried before, including the molybdenum and the liver detox teas. Plus I get no side effects with this. However please note: it arrived late in the day in a box that felt as if it was 100 degrees to the touch. Had traveled all day in the heat wave, not good: it arrived reeking of sulfur! Still it is effective and the sulfur odor surprisingly doesn't cause me to retch. I will stock up on this, the muscle building is quite impressive considering I am not exercising. I am also taking this with about 2 grams of L-Carnitine in divided doses. Also my skin is looking good and my neck and arms are getting firm after steroids ruined my body turning my lean and toned body into flab.


TMG + L-Methionine = SAMe

Reviewer2420678发表于 Oct 19, 2006

Excellent. Use it with TMG to make SAMe. Much cheaper, more potent, and more reliable. SAMe is highly unstable.


Methionine Great Stuff

Reviewer3357437发表于 Oct 05, 2008

I purchased this as in my personal research it was purported to reduce histamine. My husband has (had) allergies.... This stuff works great for him. He hasn't had to take any anti-histimines this year. I will buy this product over and over again.


Metabolizes Fat

Reviewer2609712发表于 Mar 19, 2008

This amino acid breaks down fat before it gets to the liver therefore helping the liver to work more effectively if you have a sluggish liver you may want to add this to your cart. Its also a very powerful antioxidant and has many other health benefits. I love it.


huge mood booster

Reviewer1790651发表于 Sep 18, 2009

This, along with TMG-500 (to make Sam-e), has really changed my life. I wouldn't have said I was depressed before, but now I am so much more optimistic and cheerful. My husband is on the same regimen (we each take one of each in the morning) and has has the same change. We ran out for a couple of days last week and both noticed a pretty dramatic difference. I won't be without this one again, and I honestly think everyone should try it.


endometriosis treatment

5280615812874896036发表于 Nov 29, 2014

Liver detoxifier, flushes out excess estrogen. For the treatment of endometriosis alongside Choline and Inositol. It reduces the pelvic pain completely during the pms.


Great with TMG powder for joints

Reviewer3131583发表于 Jun 12, 2008

Someone else had mentioned taking this with Now Foods TMG powder for joints. I have always had bad knees. Glucosamine worked great alone, but hiked up my glucose blood test score, so stopped that. Decided to try the combination and within a week I was going up and down stairs and realized that the potato chip crunching was nearly gone. No pain. Works great in combo. Had my sister try it...same results. We are 55 and 60 years of age. Worked great for both of us.


Helps prevent Cancer

Reviewer2509845发表于 Oct 16, 2010

This is the best way to take Vitamin B6, which is essential to health and preventing cancer. The L-Methionine has been shown to help prevent lung cancer. I take two a day.


I take with TMG Powder

Reviewer1161581发表于 Dec 08, 2007

For detoxification purposes, I take this with TMG Powder (the combined effect similar to Sam-E without the cost). High quality and great price.


carbohydrate cravings, anxiety

Reviewer3161256发表于 Jan 30, 2008

as with phenylalanine, 2 in the afternon and after supper are a great appetite suppressant and carb crave cutter. it is also a calming amino acid that helps with anxiety and racing thoughts.


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