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Awesome product...

Reviewer2963961发表于 4月 25, 2010

Everyone in the house loves this and takes it daily. Including doggie who maybe loves it the most. He is only 20 lbs. and eats 2 heaping tsp. mixed with a little yogurt and is satisfied all day long. Builds red blood cells quickly and great source of protein. It is also grass fed liver!


Thumbs up

Reviewer3348235发表于 7月 21, 2010

A high quality product. Tastes as good as liver powder can taste.


liver powder

Reviewer1946414发表于 1月 06, 2008

i use this powder in my homemade dog treats...it is great and good for my dogs. iherb has the best price on this product that i could find.


now liver powder

Reviewer2520330发表于 3月 03, 2011

this liver has an exceptionally low iron content which has enabled me to use it as a protein source (6 servings a day at 48 grams). unlike the meat we eat during meals, this is prepared at a low heat wherein nutrients are damaged; i consider this a relatively well undenatured whole food supplement


next best thing

101010011发表于 5月 20, 2011

when i am not eating liver, i am downing this. chase it, don't mix it


Great stamina/energy builder

Reviewer2380991发表于 7月 14, 2011

I've used a heaping tablespoon of this almost daily for years. It helps increase and sustain your energy throughout the day, puts roses in your cheeks, makes your nails pink, and confers healthy gums. If you have iron storage disease it's not the thing for you, but if not, Wow! Iherb sent it very quickly. Thanks.


For those who despise liver

tigercho发表于 9月 29, 2011

My daughter and my son hate liver and would never eat any, so i figured i should include it in their diet somehow. I just put a tablespoon in their dinner twice a week. It really gives them a nice boost


one of the best supplements you could take!

Reviewer1553438发表于 10月 24, 2011

Now brand liver powder is affordable, and good quality. Aside from good quality cod liver oil, it is one of the best supplements to take, no matter whether you're an endurance athlete, a nursing mother with three other children, or an employee doing the work of two people. My children (age two to seven) will take it if mixed with honey, "bitten" off in small chunks, and washed down with milk or juice. It's worth the "ugh" factor! Suffer the taste, enjoy the results!


Thank you for selling this Now Foods!

Jodi-Hummingbird发表于 3月 05, 2011

I appreciate it. I am going to use this as a far healthier protein shake replacement. Very good for you. It is included (liver in some form) as part of the Gerson protocol and the Klenner nuerological disease protocol.


Liver is great for dogs skin and coat and for pregnant moms too.

Reviewer1289770发表于 2月 02, 2011

I'm a small breeder and I use Liver Powder for my dogs that are pregnant and after that and it has so many B vitamins in it that you can really tell a diference.


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