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Excellent Product

5356367342581531782发表于 Apr 14, 2014

I'm asthmatic and tried these to reduce inflammation of my airways. After a week, my breathing feels much less constricted. Also found increase in stamina in my regular runs. Would recommend to all asthmatic patients. This stuff works!.


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Research says it's good.

MikeMember发表于 Dec 15, 2013

Research says it's good, so I trust it is helping me stay young at 60.


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Excellent combination of ingredients!

TrueReviews发表于 Nov 15, 2013

Pycnogenol is a well known antioxidant, it recycles vitamin C in the body. So, it is better taken with vitamin C, and this product has rutin and acerola in it, which are vit C sources. I feel great using it, it has made a difference in my leg veins, and i believe in my eye sight too, which was unexpected! Click on my username for more reviews! If you thought that this review was helpful please feel free to press the 'yes' button.


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Wonderful for muscle cramping

Reviewer1486013发表于 Dec 12, 2012

I have mold illness. One of the characteristics of this is calf cramping upon awakening; when you point your toes and stretch, your calves instantly cramp up. I decided to try this after a friend recommended it. The info says it takes 30 days, but I had results immediately, the very next morning; no calf cramps. I continue to take it and am delighted with the results. I also have had significant problems with sciatica due to muscle "clenching" of the sciatic nerve in my butt, and this seems to have taken care of that too. Once again, I am delighted. I've now been taking it for 60 days with continued excellent results.


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Great for veins & to stimulate natural skin collagen production but IS THIS REAL PYCNOGENOL?

PurplePegasus发表于 Nov 02, 2012

In the early 90's I received a glossy booklet that explained all about real pycnogenol® which should bear the trademark logo from Horphag Research Ltd and not to be confused with the unregulated 'maritime pine bark' which is said to be less potent. The Now Foods brand carries the logo (a pine tree inside a circle). I am editing this review as I could not spell "Horphag" I did a search and came across a very interesting article called PYCNOGENOL CONTROVERSY which states that Horphag is now using extraction techniques not approved by the French government (France being the only source of true pycnogenol) and the controversy states that, unless the bottle bears the seal of authenticity of Dr. Masquelier then it is the fake pycnogenol and that its extraction process turns this fake antioxidant into a potent oxidant. OUCH! Might explain my lackluster results here! More research by me is needed. My original review: I found myself taking 3 caps per day, along with COQ10 and vitamin E to alleviate the extreme thigh and wrists/arm vein pain that I experience during PMS. I was also diagnosed with high cholesterol due to steroid meds and hoping this will contribute to reversing that. This was not as effective as horsechestnut for my leg vein pain but I've since found out that horsechestnut causes or aggravates liver failure, which is an illness I'm currently treating so I definitely needed something different. My skin does look healthy with smaller pores than in the past but I'm taking a lot of supplements which are beneficial to skin so I can't gauge if it's the pycnogenol® or not. I trust it is working and might try a higher dosage later to see if that works better. Time will tell. No apparent side effects.


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Excellent quality product

4648389838336582750发表于 Oct 16, 2012

I feel the benefits of using this product every day


Too early to tell

Reviewer2733430发表于 Jul 16, 2012

Unable to evaluate at this time


Great muscle tonic!

Reviewer2689446发表于 Nov 08, 2011

First, I have great respect for Now and Drs Best as superior products. I started using this for high blood pressure, which didnt show anything very noticeable. However when I noticed reduction in muscle fatigue after exercise and an elimination of my nightly charlie-horse cramping, I did the research. The only change in my supplements was this and cordyceps. Research shows this was probably the main reason for my cramps going away. Note from Nov 2011 Just went on my first skate ski of the year. Put my wife on it months ago. Neither of us experienced the usual aching shank muscles we always got early season even when we were in racing shape.


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Very Good

Reviewer1849522发表于 Aug 23, 2011

This vitamin does not leave an after taste in your mouth after taking it. I have just started taking it and it didnt give me any side effect


Can't go wrong with Now Foods

Reviewer2655689发表于 Jul 28, 2011

Great product, great price and respected company.


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