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made from corn

Reviewer2874534发表于 Apr 25, 2014

Actually pretty sad about this purchase. I missed the fine print about it being made from corn (which I cannot have). Since the packaging does not indicate otherwise, this most likely is from GMO corn. :( If this review has helped you make a more informed choice, please hit "yes" below!


Does not taste as good as other brands of xylitol

Reviewer3343479发表于 Mar 08, 2010

Does not taste as good as other brands - perhaps it is made in China or something - does not list country of manufacture


Great tasting form of sweetener

Reviewer1115030发表于 Oct 05, 2008

This is a great tasting form of sweetener. Diseases take better hold in a body that is overly acidic (which now days is common for most busy people on the go)so this is an excellent sweetener because it is alkaline forming. It's even safe for Diabetics, Hypoglycemics & Candida Albicans. It has Antibiotic powers that kills bacteria & viruses and is used in toothpastes and is by far healthier and safer than Sweet N' Low, Equal and Splenda.



juliaheis发表于 Mar 22, 2012

This is pretty good xylitol, and I appreciate that it is non GMO (genetically modified). However, I prefer the birch xylitol, as it seems more gentle on the digestive system and birch is not so depleting to the soil as corn usually is.


I didn't like this brand of Xylitol

Reviewer3325554发表于 Jan 01, 2009

I believe this form is made from Corm source and I heard that burch tree is better. It also was not fine, it was think. I prefer my other brand that i buy.


A healthy sugar!

Reviewer1189203发表于 Oct 16, 2007

Least expensive of the xylitol sugars available anywhere. Dissolves well. Granulation similar to table sugar. I use it in cooking, coffee, etc. Mix it with powered vitamin C when I feel a cold coming on. We don't keep any other sugar in the house.


Didn't seem to improve/alieviate dental condition

Reviewer1752018发表于 Dec 05, 2013

To be honest, I purchased this product more for the dental reason. I don't think xylitol water is as helpful as chewing a xylitol gum. Granted, it doesn't leave that unpleasant aftertaste like sugar, but I don't think it did anything for my teeth ( theyonly looked worse so I eventually had to stop drinking xylitol water). My biggest mistake was brushing teeth with soap and then rinsing with xylitol water as mouthwash (I thought that would help replenishing the enamel as well as deeper layer) - which I highly do not recommend. Another thing I didn't like about this product (it must have been mentioned on the product detail page of this product) is that it has been derived from corn.


Homemade nasal rinse

Reviewer1538943发表于 Jun 03, 2015

I use this to make a xylitol nasal rinse, which not only helps tremendously with seasonal allergies, but was the only thing that knocked out a nasal infection last winter that had lasted through 3 different courses of antibiotics over a 6 week period and was giving me migraines. For the rinse I use: 8 oz distilled or boiled water 1 Neil Med salt packet 1 tablespoon + 1 teaspoon xylitol 6 drops GSE I use this in a nasal spray bottle twice a day and my allergies (which are generally horrible May-November) are almost unnoticed. I don't know how it works, but it does!



norskiherb发表于 Apr 23, 2012

Godt alternativ til vanlig sukker - her til en utrolig lav pris!


Great product

Reviewer1599966发表于 Dec 26, 2007

I love Now xyitol. No after taste. Best xylitol product I have found.


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