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Reviewer1922848发表于 May 22, 2011

I am very happy that this product exist. It is not easy to find protein bars without nuts, gluten, soy, egg and dairy. The taste is all right too. Great to bring for trips in case it is hard to find diet friendly food.


New Favorite

Reviewer2065135发表于 Jan 05, 2012

I think this might be my new favorite flavor of NuGo bars. I have tried the carrot cake and trail mix, but there is just something more decadent about the dark chocolate crunch.


Taste good, my mom ate them all!

Reviewer1082445发表于 Mar 29, 2012

I'm from HK & I bought this for my pregnant sister-in-law, she needed gluten-free diet for her pregnancy. She treasured this so much since couldn't buy from HK, she only ate one when she REALLY wanted chocolate. One day she wanted one, but found out my mom ate them all. She only had 2.5 bars, and my mom ate them all...


Nice chocolate flavor!

Reviewer1262620发表于 May 31, 2012

They do have a bit of the protein powder texture but we all like them. They are great treat for when out and about and can't stop for a real meal.


Awesome. Like the taste...

5531439251974292736发表于 Aug 21, 2014

Happy with NuGo Free Dark Chocolate Crunch. This is my second purchase for this bar. I've also tried NuGo Nutrition, Organic Double Dark Chocolate, and those are good too. I like that it has a slight crunchiness to it. Will definitely be purchasing this again. Good for on-the-go breakfast.


Love these bars!

4665503560050011313发表于 Jan 13, 2014

FINALLY, I found them! A protein bar which is vegan friendly, gluten free, soy free and nut free. And taste OK too! I love these bars, which are chocolatey, crispy, but not too sweet, and lack the gooey consistency that are common among date-based bars. Gonna order them again, and again, and again!


love these!

5244343543045825780发表于 Feb 11, 2014

Fill me up and are not too sweet! If you're a super dark chocolate lover like me these are the bars for you!


Ohhhhh These are GREAT

4978545617610769518发表于 Jan 14, 2013

I received these today, and couldn’t wait to try one. Besides being very chewy (I have a sore jaw so a bit hard to eat because of the chewiness) these bars are best, SO delicious, I really like them a lot. So After eating only one I am back on iherb to order another box before they sell out, this is going to be my treat bar once a fortnight. All good ingredients, I love that they are Vegan, Gluten free, have no yeast or cane sugar. They are also not as sweet as other bars, so its perfect for me as sweet items give me migraines. A++++


not a bad snack

Reviewer2105068发表于 Jun 29, 2012

It's pretty good and will hold your hunger inbetween meals. Decent ingredients.


NuGo nutrition gluten free dark chocolate bars

4658357836745379703发表于 Oct 28, 2012

excellent nutrition for running and cycling as i cant have gluten or dairy.... these dont upset my guts when running which is rare and a bonus Def. buy again


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