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Great alternative to sugar

Reviewer2682792发表于 Oct 13, 2007

I grew up eating a lot of sugar and I hate artificial sweeteners. I wanted to cut back on my sugar intake but could not find a suitable substitute until I tried Stevia. I have been using it for about six months and I love it!


Excellent product

greenisthenewblack发表于 Apr 04, 2011

No bitter after taste, and takes so little to sweeten whatever. Great in baking together with erythritol, xylitol or palm suger. I love it and will purchase more.



Reviewer1619802发表于 Jan 26, 2008

This is the only stevia product I've tried that doesn't have a horrible bitter aftertaste. To me, the NuNaturals stevia extract products taste almost exactly like sugar! My only complaint about this product is that it should come with a tiny measuring spoon. It's so concentrated that you only need a very tiny bit (typically, about 1/32 ounce). One bottle lasts me months!


Love it.

Reviewer2332442发表于 Feb 19, 2012

I may the the stevia testing champ - must have used 20 products over the years - and this one's got the gold medal. Compared with similar products (about 1 0z. of 'pure' white powder) sold at iHerb or not, it's a 6 or 7 times as sweet and has a fresh taste too. Plus.... cheaper.


Best Pure white Stevia-Extract

Reviewer2396769发表于 May 02, 2011

NuNaturals produces excellent Stevia period. I prefer the extract because it's never bitter and you only need to use very little to sweeten i.e. tea, coffee,plain yogurt, cereal, lemonaid, etc. I have tried many, many, many different brands and none compare to NuNatural quality. My only complaint is that a small serving spoon is not included.


love it

Reviewer1539219发表于 May 02, 2011

best stevia extract and no maltdextrin


Very concentrated! Super product!!

Reviewer1919157发表于 Dec 08, 2008

This is a great brand of stevia. Super concentration: 1/2 tsp for gallon of tea!!


The absolute best stevia ever

BelieveJesus4EternalLife发表于 Nov 10, 2007

This is it. This is the best. By far, this brand is better than any other since they extract whatever chemical causes the aftertaste. And this particular stevia is the best one of all the NuNaturals stevias. You only have to use a tiny amount (and there's no maltodextrin in this one).


The best of all the Stevias

Reviewer2348333发表于 Mar 13, 2008

Brilliant stuff. For medical (not weight loss) reasons I have been on a sugar free diet for several years. Since this also includes no fructos and no sugar alcohols - maltitol, erythritol etc - and I wouldn't want to use aspartame for obvious reasons, it has been a bit grim at times. But now I have three excellent sugar substitues, and I bake, make ices and desserts and even my own chocolate using cocoa, cocoa butter and these sweetners. I rank these sweetners in the following order of usefulness 1) Slim Sweet (available Iherb) - a 100% natural extract of the Lo Han fruit it is 100% carb free and 60x sweeter than sugar. I rate this highest because it is so natural and because it has quite a rich, round taste profile almost a tiny bit like brown sugar. 10/10 2) <REMOVED>. Really easy to use. No aftertaste. Excellent. Only one teeny down side is that it is rather ''chemically'' produced. The flavour is hightly similar to sugar but a little bit ''empty''. Mix it with Slim Sweet and you have something 100% as delicious as brown sugar only no calories and good for you. 9/10 3) Stevia - only the NuNaturals brand is good (I've tried them all). I still use quite a bit of stevia as I think it is wise to use some of everything. That way there are no health risks of any sort and stevia has been used for many decades in Japan with good outcomes. But used on its own stevia does tend towards some bitter profile. The best brand by far is NuNaturals and the their pure extract is amazing - you only need 1/100th of teaspoon to sweeten a cup of coffee. Virtually no aftertaste. And stabilises blood sugar etc. 8/10 Happy eating.


I am a repeat buyer

Reviewer1030121发表于 Jul 04, 2008

I ALWAYS have this on hand for sweetening my coffee, baked goods, whipped cream, etc. NO BITTER AFTERTASTE unlike every other stevia brand I've tried, and I've tried 'em all. Get this stevia product and be converted for life. Great company!


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