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A natural plant sweetner

Reviewer2722847发表于 3月 08, 2008

I have tried different brands and types of stevia plant sweetners. NuNaturals tablet form may leave a small amount of sediment behind but have the best taste of sweetness. Some other brands or forms (liquids or powders) have a taste that my require getting used to. I find this brand to be my favorite of all the makers so far.


Very convenient

Reviewer1157474发表于 5月 04, 2008

This is a really handy way to carry stevia around with you. I was skeptical that the tablets would really dissolve quickly and easily, but they do, even in cold liquids like iced tea. I recommend it.


we really like these

Reviewer2664178发表于 4月 18, 2008

They dissolve quickly (there is just a tiny bit of sediment left) and the sweetening taste we think is better than the liquids and powders.


Great product

Reviewer1986690发表于 7月 08, 2008

Price is good and the product has no bitter aftertaste. Does leave residue at the bottom of the glass as described, but the stevia is a top product.



Reviewer2160071发表于 1月 13, 2009

My first bottle was great; I wrote "it really is quick dissolve, and there is no strange taste. Small bottle makes it very convenient to carry to coffee shop. I use two tablets in my big Latte. Tastes great." However, on my second bottle, my opinion has turned, particularly on the "quick dissolve" part. They tablets just sit in my coffee now like tiny pellets of stone, and never dissolve. Even if I break them up before putting them in, they still just sit there like large grains of sand. VERY DISAPPOINTING


Val Murdoch

Reviewer1137607发表于 7月 01, 2008

Excellent product would recommend this to anyone. No after taste and dissolves easily


NuNaturals Nustevia Tabs

Reviewer2717579发表于 7月 10, 2008

I love their products. The tabs dissolve in hot or cold liquids and very convenient to carry when you're on the go. Shippment time is extremely quick as well. I will definitely order from iHerb again. Thanks


NuNaturals, NuStevia Quick Dissolve Tab, 150 Tablets

Reviewer2379388发表于 8月 26, 2008

These are the best substitute for sugar in my drinks that I've yet to find. I am so impressed I've ordered another couple of bottled to keep in work and in my handbag for when I'm out and about. They do not leave any bitter aftertaste and I haven't found any sediment left at the bottom of my cup. I used to have 3 large sugars in a cup of coffee or tea and I only need 1.5 of these tablets. They are fantastic.


NuNaturals, NuStevia Quick Dissolve Tabs, 150 Tablets

Reviewer1597547发表于 9月 20, 2008

These are great! they are not bitter at all and disolve right away.


Best Tasting Stevia

Reviewer3287907发表于 2月 01, 2009

NuNaturals makes the best-tasting natural sweetener products on the market as far as I'm concerned, and I've tried just about everything; Truvia, SweetLeaf, xylitol, fructose, Sweet & Slender, and about half a dozen others. There's no aftertaste, no calories and these tables are convenient to carry so I never have to use sugar or chemical alternatives in my coffee at a restaurant. Plus it's a great conversation starter - everyone at the table wants to know what it is and why I use it.


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