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Zero Calories - it's wonderful!

ohMiriam发表于 Jul 17, 2012

I've tasted of stevia different firms, almost all given a strange aftertaste, except NuNaturals. This is my favorite Stevia, I like this sweetener. Now I don't use sugar, even when I bake cakes and pastries. If the recipe says "add 1 cup of sugar" - I add 1 tablespoon of stevia instead of sugar. Я пробовала стевию разных фирм-производителей, практически все дают странный привкус (послевкусие), кроме NuNaturals. Теперь это моя любимая стевия, я люблю этот подсластитель. Сейчас я не употребляю сахар, даже когда пеку торты и пирожные. Если в рецепте написано "добавьте стакан сахара", я добавляю столовую ложку стевии.


Easily digestible sweetener -- I love it!

Reviewer2223446发表于 Sep 28, 2015

Because of all the complaints about the maltodextrin content, have you ever tried a maltodextrin sweetener next to NuStevia? One, two three teaspons of Sucralose is not actually sweet! Reminds me of my friend who got upset that I used sugar-free jello in a desert! "It's not sweet" she exclaimed, and she was right. But, if you add just a bit of sugar to it, it's really really sweet. Same with stevia powder. Add a bit, and you come up with a sweetener that is much sweeter than the maltodextrin types. Also, other sweeteners may upset one's digestive system. So you also have that to consider. I have been using NuNatural Stevia Powder for more than a year. I order it in this large container about every 4 to 6 weeks, and I love it! And it IS sweet!


This is the best tasting stevia out there!

Reviewer2894352发表于 Jun 04, 2007

We've tried many different brands of stevia, but this one is by far tastiest stevia available. No bitter aftertaste. Love it!!!


Sugar we all can use

Reviewer3353027发表于 Nov 08, 2007

this by far is the best product to use instead of sugar, I have tried others stevia's only to have a nasty after tast this one does not. I love to drink kool-aid all my co-workers when I let them try it can believe it is not sugar great product would recomend it.


Natural Sweetener

Reviewer2638633发表于 Aug 09, 2011

Works well as my additive for Electrolyte mixture!


Best sweetener i know

Reviewer3342089发表于 May 27, 2016

I have use this many years and I don't know better sweetener. No bitter, and so sweet, that you have add it only little. I use this product very versatile every day. I live in Finland, and here isn't sell the product, pity!


lov'in it!

Reviewer2358105发表于 Jan 28, 2010

I have tried the liquid form of this product as well, I think both versions have their pros and cons. The powder form is so light and powdery that you can easily inhale it while scooping it from the container... probably not harmful but annoying for sure. This size container seems to last longer than the small bottle of liquid so I think it's a better buy. It dissolves quickly and easily and has a nice, clean taste unlike artificial sweeteners on the market.


Best Stevia So Far!

Reviewer2166286发表于 Feb 03, 2010

This is such a great product. By far the best Stevia I've tried so far (have tried at least 5 so far). Not bitter at all. Made a sugar free hot cocoa with it yesterday and almost forgot it wasn't sugar! :)


Love this!

Reviewer3006783发表于 Feb 12, 2010

this is a great tasting sugar substitute! I do not like to be without it.


iHerb.com customer service

Reviewer1909683发表于 Dec 17, 2007

The product was received in a timely manner and with the same quality that I would have received from my local Natural Food stores. Customer satisfaction has been excellent.


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