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Will continue to purchase again and again

Reviewer1030121发表于 Jul 04, 2008

Erythritol is a dream come true for sugar-free baking. If you follow a good recipe, you will have great results! It doesn't work for every baked good, but when it works, it's wonderful. I feel better eating something natural as opposed to Splenda, and have no ill effects from eating this like I do with Splenda/other sugar alcohols. A bit more expensive than other sweeteners, but worth the $$!


Erythritol Sweetener

Reviewer3158357发表于 Nov 17, 2008

Works best to dissolve it in a hot liquid before adding it to the recipe. Otherwise a great product.


best natural substitute for sugar

Reviewer2181277发表于 Jul 11, 2008

After trying many alternatives this has all the qualities we were looking for. no noticable aftertaste, it can be used just like sugar. We use it fro sweet deserts, coffee or tee, or any other use where we would use sugar, for example cinnamon and sugar mix. helps dramatically in cutting down calorie intake.


Caryl Burton says this is the best!!

Reviewer3291563发表于 Oct 12, 2008

Absolutely brilliant product for those who are looking for a low, low calorie, but natural sugar product with none of the worries associated with artificial sweeteners. This looks like sugar, acts like sugar in all your baking. It will liquefy to a syrup, (but sadly won't go to a caramel .. search still om for that). Excellent product, at a reasonable price and matched by the excellent service of the company supplying it. A brilliant find :)


Great Product

Reviewer3093727发表于 Nov 24, 2008

Not as sweet a regular sugar, but great for the glycemic index.


Great product

bonnie0128发表于 Jul 21, 2009

This is a great erythritol. I have used it for baking and sweetening several things since purchasing it and have been pleased with the results. I often powder it in a coffee grinder to help it blend better in the recipe. It is an extra step, but it worth it.


Good with stevia

Reviewer2279593发表于 Nov 21, 2007

Less sweet than sucrose but is very good tasting. I mix in a little stevia to bring the sweetness up to regular suger, with non of the aftertaste.


Erythritol Review

Reviewer1353784发表于 Nov 14, 2007

Great product. Excellent sugar substitute with no side effects.


Love this sweetener

Reviewer1783615发表于 Mar 29, 2009

I use it for almost all of my sweetening along w/ stevia. It's one that doesn't seem to raise husbands blood sugar.


works for us

Reviewer1449176发表于 Jan 07, 2010

My husband is diabetic and erythritol I can use in all cooking and baking and it acts the most like sugar of all the substitutes we have tried. No rises in blood sugar either. No bitter aftertaste.


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