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Ancient Aztecs' best kept secret.

Leione发表于 Apr 21, 2014

Chia seeds are truly a superfood. One ounce (about two tablespoons) of chia seeds provides a whopping 11 grams of fiber (45% of the recommended daily intake), 14% of the recommended daily intake of iron, 18% of calcium, 24% of magnesium, 27% of phosphorus, 30% of manganese 14% of zinc, not to mention that they're naturally gluten free and suitable for people suffering from gluten intolerance and celiac disease. But that's not all: chia seeds are one of the best vegetable sources of protein (one ounce provides 7 grams, 10% of the RDI) and vitamins B1, B2, B3 (about 20% of the RDI in one ounce) and the richest vegetable source of omega-3 fatty acids (5 grams in one ounce, the RDI is 3-4 grams), and unlike flaxseeds, they can be eaten whole and don't need to be ground. It comes as no surprise that chia seeds are packed with health benefits and can help people suffering from diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, obesity, heart disease, gastritis, acid reflux, nausea, indigestion, osteoporosis, arthritis, rheumatism and many other diseases and conditions: they stabilize blood sugar, regulate insulin levels and prevent blood spikes keeping you full longer, aid digestion, prevent heartburn and acid reflux, increase appetite, soothe the stomach lining, reduce colon inflammation, normalize blood pressure, lower triglycerides and LDL or "bad" cholesterol levels while increasing HDL or "good" cholesterol, protect against strokes, atherosclerosis and peripheral arterial disease, help maintain healthy bones and teeth. I'm in love with chia seeds. They normalize my cholesterol and blood pressure, help my acid reflux and gastritis and keep me full for a long time stabilizing my blood sugar. I add them everywhere: from oatmeal and cereal to different recipes. When soaked for a few minutes, chia seeds develop a gelatinous coating and produce a nutritious and almost tasteless gel which is a great cholesterol free binding agent that can be used instead of eggs and won't affect the flavor of any food. One of the best products on iHerb, hands down.


Great price!

Reviewer3151099发表于 Apr 07, 2013

If you can catch this while it is in stock its great! I make chia seed porridge, throw it in smoothies, and cookies. Great quality and very hard to find at this cost.



5244190591009622254发表于 Oct 25, 2013



soak in water first!!!

5536595171908109527发表于 Jun 30, 2014

Love chia seeds. However can get bloated if not soaked in water first. Good for digestion and getting rid of tapeworms


I just love chia seed

4860069165435408302发表于 Aug 01, 2014

This product is perfect when you want to stock chia seed for a while. It's super healthy, soooo good with almond milk and fresh fruits... I really really recommand that product


Chia seed

5354823620786123704发表于 Aug 10, 2014

It's cheaper than sinagpore as Singapore are new to this product and organic product


Good healthy chia seeds

Ahpeng发表于 Aug 13, 2014

Bought a bigger packet this time so that it can last longer. Gd price gd product


very good

5154428634998017932发表于 Aug 18, 2014

very good


Excellent product

Reviewer2189955发表于 Aug 18, 2014

I keep reordering these! I mix them with ground flax seeds in my daily breakfast. The price is right!


Chai Seed Review

5039108830851597489发表于 Aug 25, 2014

Great Stuff and fast deliver! Keep it up!


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