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Talc free

Reviewer2862330发表于 Oct 05, 2010

watch out as some Sam-e brand use talc in the ingredients. this is one of the cheapest talc-free brands


SAMe 400 Nutralife

Reviewer2854670发表于 Sep 04, 2010

For some biochemical reason I have found my adult percecption of things on the depressed side. For many years now I have taken SAMe and have found a minimum dose of 400 mg every other night seems to keep me even and on the more positive side. When I completely go off it , I call it the" gray wash " view of life returns so there does appear to be something it does chemistry wise to improve . I tried a couple of other brands that iHerb carries, and they worked fine but I prefer Nutralife for some reason. I always balence this product with Homocystine Modulators and lately TMJ as I understand this is important.


Excellent Value!

Reviewer1893600发表于 Jun 09, 2014

By far the best value I could find, anywhere. I am told they need to be kept refridgerated in order to maintain potency. Thank you for this product.


A must...

Reviewer2676012发表于 Oct 05, 2009

Great stuff...make sure you always take this in conjuction with TMG and a good B-complex vitamin.


simply the best!!!!!

Reviewer2080439发表于 Mar 03, 2011

i have been on prescription meds for 20 years.SAM-e has set me free from meds for the first time ever.paxil,wellbutrin,lexapro,prozac,effexor-tried them all.im happy and in a good mood for the first time in many years.with no side effects i might add.thank you nutralife you have changed my life forever!!!!!!


Good product

4916536106159300663发表于 Oct 01, 2013

I have been taking these having gone off of antidepressants and find them really good. Take care not to tear the foil of one that you are not taking, it will deteriorate, attracting moisture and forming foul tasting droplets on the tablet.



KiMaLi发表于 Aug 26, 2013

helps relieve depression


Consistant quality and Value Priced

Reviewer1547704发表于 Jan 05, 2011

I have always been very satisfied with the efficacy and consistently fair pricing of this NutraLife product. It is conveniently packaged, with good dosage and easily absorb-able tablets. I would highly recommend this companies product to anyone currently taking, or considering SAM-e as part of their nutraceutical regimen...


It's Great!!

Reviewer1847470发表于 Jan 13, 2010

I grew up trusting herbs and its great to still find products that work like miracles. This dose amount for the very sensitive works perfectly and for the not so sensitive it is high enough that you have pills for more than just a few weeks. I have bought this SAMe for friends and family who all have the winter blues or the baby blues and it does whatever is needed and makes us all a bit lighter and happier. In some cases this product is a life-saver.


The Best

SunDownSeede发表于 Jan 13, 2011

This one is the best one for my husband. I have tried so many various other brands with small benefit. This one however, helps him with his mood swings, knee/joint pain/ overall wellbeing. He uses this with Fish Oil 1200 mgs. I herbs always has the best packaging, accuracy and quick shipping.


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