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Helps fights off all kinds of problems

Reviewer1674845发表于 Mar 28, 2007

I used to take a variety of herbs and vitamins when I felt a cold coming on, but now I use this single product instead. It’s easy to get sick when traveling, so I always carry this product, Xlear nasal wash, and Hyland’s homeopathic sore throat tablets. Those usually take care of it but if not, I take olive leaf extract with at least 18% oleuropein.


Review of DefensePlus

Reviewer2167406发表于 Oct 15, 2008

I am very happy with the results of this product. I purchased it due to a minor sinus infection, which the product helped to relieve in a short period of time. I plan on continuing to take the product daily to prevent colds, flus, and any possible sinuse infections.


very potent

Reviewer2967975发表于 Jan 11, 2008

I use it whenever I feel I need to boost my immune systems, like get a cold, sore throat, even lyme disease... cuz don't want to mess up with antibiotics. It is so potent and And it shows effectiveness within a couple days. Great product.


Works like a charm!

Reviewer2966228发表于 May 19, 2008

I love this stuff. It combines the antibiotic effect of grapefruit seed extract with other great immune boosters. I take this at the first sign of any illness. It is great to take as preventative as well. I will keep this in my medicine cabinet for sure.


My Flu defense

Reviewer3308690发表于 Mar 27, 2009

I love this stuff. I take it the moment I start to feel something coming on and wham! its gone. Since I have started taking this product several years ago I have been able to avoid all of the illnesses that I am exposed to in the healthcare field. Even when everyone around me is sick I sail thru it with no problems. The only time I have gotten sick in the past year was when I had run out of this awesome product.


Good product!

Reviewer2201914发表于 Mar 23, 2010

My daughter and I both use this product in place of antibiotics in several cases. She and I both are diagnosed with a anti-immune disorder, and the use of antibiotics cause us more trouble than help, so we have been using GPS for years, at the first sign of any infection. I would greatly recommend this product.


No Citricidal!!!

4652307268407126307发表于 May 10, 2013

It was a very effective product. But they changed the most important ingredient. More powerful Citricidal was replaced by GSE. On the picture is still with Citricidal, but I received the useless one...


Flu season life saver!

Reviewer1745273发表于 Jan 12, 2013

We take this 4 times a day at the onset of any infection and take it for at least a week after all signs of infection are gone. Stock up now!!



panaceaspecialist发表于 Aug 15, 2013

The best antibiotic that nature got to offer. I DO NOT NEED TO GO TO THE DOCTOR FOR PRESCRIPTION ANTIBIOTICS, THIS IS THE BEST ONE, IT BEATS EVER OREGANO AND GARLIC IN ANTIBIOTIC PROPERTIES. Every household ''''''MUST'''''' have this in it's medical cabinet. Thank you iHerb and Nutribiotic.


Nutri Biotic DefencePlus 250 Grapeseed Extract, 90 Vegan Tablets

4780493060666114534发表于 Sep 02, 2014

I really love this product and the way I feel when I take it. Viral symptoms just seem to dissipate and become a thing of the past with in a day for me. I have taken other Grapeseed extract products and this blend seems to be very balanced for health regeneration and maintenance. I take it like an antibiotic for a series of 10-14 days and take a week or two break so my body doesn't depend on it. This seems to keep the fighting qualities effective and fresh for any flues or colds that may challenge my system. When I feel symptoms or run down beyond my capacity to heal on my own steam, I take just one tablet a day. I will keep this on hand and I'm ordering 2nd bottle for a friend. One note about allergies, viruses can depress the immune system and the anti allergen homeopathic are less effective, but with the virus gone, my allergy symptoms went away with the homeopathic 8 years ago.


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