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Saved my life!

LoveLife发表于 Apr 13, 2013

This is an amazing product, which keeps me healthy and safe from germs. I use it almost everywhere, in the shower, cleaning the kitchen, I drink it with juice. I take it with the first signs of a cold and that helps! Save up to 10$ if new to iherb!


Excellent Natural Multi-Purpose Disinfectant

RubiesHealth发表于 Jul 03, 2012

I use this in almost every cleaning/washing function in the home - soaking vegetables and meats, washing dishes, mopping floors, wiping windows and table-tops, spraying on plants to ward off insects, etc. It is safe for ingestion but it has an intense bitter taste. Just 2 drops are enough to make 500ml of water bitter. This means a bottle can last a very long time. Mine is definitely lasting more than a year. For internal use, I prefer Olive Leaf Extract.


Nutribiotic Dseliquid concentrate

Reviewer2559304发表于 Mar 15, 2012

This is the best and absolutely amazing product. I use it everyday at least once or twice a day in a drink. I used it more when I am exposed to a bug or when I am starting to get a bladder infection. It has saved me many trips to the doctor. I even used it after a death in the family and was very depressed. I actually had physical symptoms from the depression. This product took the symptoms away very fast. I love this product don't know how I ever survived without it. Great price also and it lasts for a long time.



Reviewer1750918发表于 Apr 25, 2012

A great product! Have been using it in water every morning (5 drops, can't take more, it's too much for me :)), and also used for the dermatitis of my 3 years old child (5 drops for 1 table spoon of water). It actually helped a lot with a dermatitis! Also added some drops to my son's bath, the water here is too harsh and acidic. And GSE seems to work very well!!!


Not the Same as before!

4894266374564617228发表于 May 02, 2013

it is not bitter anymore! I have one older bottle bitter taste and a new with bit like lemon taste. Not the same at all, Ingr list remain the same!


This GSE is not real or potent it tastes bland and had no effect whatsoever.

Reviewer1805827发表于 Jul 26, 2013

It is lot 07313 exp 7/19. This was an unopened bottle I had on my shelf purchased from iHerb a while ago. Horribly disappointed in iHerb, where I have purchased supplements for years. As another customer said you can get the real GSE at Whole Foods or a local health food store. Totally useless and sadly taken at a time when it was sorely needed. Shame on iHerb. for not heeding the other reviewers who had this same experience, and removing this fraudulent item and answering the claims of their customers.


Doesnt work.

4614274629959311546发表于 Sep 16, 2013

I thing it doent work properly. Any week extract compared to GSE of other company.


extract - a fake

Reviewer2855569发表于 Sep 24, 2013

The first time I took extract and it was very bitter but when I took the second time it there was absolutely other product of with pleasure sour taste of anything the general not having with grapefruit extract. extract - a fake LT 27912-2 EXP10/17


NutriBiotic changed ingredients

Reviewer2111999发表于 Dec 29, 2013

To everyone saying that This is a fake it is not. I emailed NutriBiotic because I noticed a difference and a lack of potency. They said it is the same ingredients, but they do NOT use CITRICIDAL as they have in the past. That is only in their "Ultra concentrate" my previous post I gave them 5 stars. Not to happy with it now.I suggest every one email NutriBiotic and complain to them


Grapefruit Seed Extract

Reviewer2739558发表于 Oct 25, 2008

Best product for yeast and candidia problems-- at least for me.


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