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    Helps my fibromyalgia

    Reviewer2624724发表于 Jul 14, 2009

    I have taken this for years with very great results. I started taking it at the recommendation of a chiropractor whom I heard lecture about fibromyalgia. She said to dissolve a rounded teaspoon in a LARGE glass (or even a pitcher) of water and drink it throughout the day and that it would take the edge off the pain of fibromyalgia... And that's exactly what it does.


    Absolute necessity for us!

    Reviewer1017492发表于 Jun 12, 2008

    We have tried a number of Buffered C powders and ARG's is our best choice. You get a lot more than just C and without a lot of common allergens. My husband is recovering from a serious illness and when he starts to feel bad physically, he will take a dose of Vitamin C powder. He can literally feel it hit his system within minutes. I think this is a definite benefit over pills or capsules that must take time to dissolve. We think this is an excellent product and value.



    Reviewer2010448发表于 Jul 16, 2008

    I am a cancer survivor and my doctor (who is an oncologist, pschiatrist, degree in genetics AND a licensed herbalist) recommended this product. I have been on it for over a year and am doing very well!


    Easy on the stomach

    Reviewer2112383发表于 Nov 30, 2007

    This buffered C is so easy to digest. I mix it with some fresh water, lemon juice and stevia for a refreshing fizzy lemonade.


    Nutricology Buffered Vitamin C Powder

    Reviewer2042146发表于 Mar 21, 2008

    This Vitamin C powder does not upset my stomach as some others do. I also like that it provides calcium and magnesium as well.


    Use in Coffee!

    Reviewer1973905发表于 Aug 18, 2009

    My husband puts about a quarter teaspoon of this in his coffee to take the acid out. If he does not do this, coffee often makes his stomach hurt. It seems odd, but it works!


    Good Product

    Reviewer3092975发表于 Dec 06, 2007

    I thought this vitamin C powder would taste bad, but it doesn't.


    C Powder

    Reviewer1936668发表于 Dec 14, 2009

    Love the Nutricology brand because it has the calcium and magnesium along with the C


    Vitamin C Powder

    Reviewer2246201发表于 Dec 25, 2009

    I've used this powder for years and nothing beats it when I'm getting a cold. Thank you so much for shipping it so quickly.


    This product has corn in it!

    Reviewer2957418发表于 Oct 30, 2008

    I purchased this vitamin c for my son, who is allergic to corn. It distinctly says, "corn-free". So imagine my surprise when it arrived at my house and I learned that the main ingredient is corn! Corn allergic folks - now you know!


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