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Recommended to my wife by her Medical Doctor (Endocrinologist)

Sickness-ELIMINATOR发表于 Aug 21, 2014

My Wife was dealing with lowered immunity due to Lyme Disease and Mold Illness and this seemed to fix it. She has been using this product since 2008 and does not get so easily sick anymore.


Thymus and MS

Reviewer1901709发表于 Jun 03, 2008

Since 1997 I've used a Thymus supplement for treatment of relapsing remitting MS. I have successfully kept the frequency of relapses under control since then. I just switched to this product and it seems to have helped relieve the current symptoms. I wish the dose of this supplement was 750-1000mg as this is the previous dose I was taking. This product seems to help. the taste is much more palatable.


great value

Reviewer1437753发表于 Feb 16, 2008

This product seems to really work. I use it for immune support along with Astragalus. While I have been surrounded by colds and flu by some family members, friends, and coworkers, I have not had the slightest off day and that just seems like a miracle. Most important with glandular products, this is organic. ...and what can I say the price is great!



Reviewer2862251发表于 Aug 31, 2008

I noticed a difference in my allergy symptoms within a week of taking thymus. I wouldn't be without it now!


Allergy Research Grouop, Nutricology, Thymus, 500 mg. 75 capsules

Reviewer2909057发表于 Sep 06, 2008

This is a product I have used for a number of years. I was pleased that the shipment arrived very quickly and that the product is of the same high quality that I have come to expect.


Good dosage

Reviewer2292722发表于 Oct 11, 2008

I take these for only a few months. I think it's good to use these 2 months a year, specially in allergic periods. I have hay fever in summer, so I'm going to use it in that period for sure. I use it together with other vitamins for a few weeks now, and it really seems to work. My allergic sympptoms are really less. I take to pills a day.


Highly Recommend - Immune system boost

Reviewer2623190发表于 May 22, 2009

A friend recommended this product to me, so I tried it, and within the first few days I could feel the difference. My Immune system was improving. Great pricing as always from iherb, and prompt delivery.


From Australia

Reviewer3298868发表于 Nov 21, 2009

I truly believe in thymus extracts to repair damage done by stress. The thymus shrinks during periods of high stress and leaves us susceptible to infection. Growth hormone is responsible for reversing this damage but not all of us have optimal amounts of this amazing repair hormone especially older people. Unfortunately it's too early to say how it's affecting me.


good for immunity

karlreiner发表于 Aug 20, 2010

good for immunity


For my hair

HCGCoach发表于 Feb 16, 2008

Hoping to stop hair loss and maybe get some regrowth. This product was one of the few without additional, nasty ingredients and is from animals in NZ, improving odds of its' purity. Will update in a few months with results.


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