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tastes good

Reviewer1750289发表于 Sep 14, 2011

love it! tastes great and I tolerate it really well ( as I have digestive sensitivities



HawaiianViking发表于 Nov 12, 2012

Olympian Labs Inc., Pea Protein, Chocolate is some of the best protein I've had. Its amino acid profile is good, especially in that it's not hugely weighted towards Glutamic acid, and the amounts of Arginine and Lysine are roughly equal. When preparing this product, it mixes fairly well but the resulting substance is more like a runny pudding than a traditional protein drink. I find it quite sweet — it has the oddly lingering sweetness of synthetic sweeteners, in this case xylitol — and it's somewhat chocolatey. One thing I also like is that this protein is not derived from any animal, not even from milk; To me, it's a nice change to have protein that's only plant-based, and non-GMO at that. My only wish: That this product were certified as organic.


great taste

5595948348715286120发表于 Feb 04, 2013

great taste, not too sweet or too powdery, i have a lot more energy when i drink this in the morning. will order again.


Perfect tast and consistancy

Reviewer2680874发表于 Jun 11, 2013

It is kind of a cream if you don't put too much water, so not hungry any more after drinking it. Not too sweet, but enough, and above all does not taste stevia at all !! (I hate the taste of stevia). Really perfect. Too bad there is not many other flavors...


Nice breakfast.

HildeK发表于 Jun 21, 2012

Dissolves well. Oddly enough it don't have any pea flavor at all, but turns in to a thick shake. I would prefer a somewhat stronger cocoa taste, and somewhat lighter on the sweetening, but that is details. A pinch more of cocoa at home fixes that quite quickly.


입맛에 맞아요

Reviewer2041733发表于 Jan 23, 2013

스피루테인 보다 훨신 담백하고 질감이 느글거리지않아서 좋아요 스피루테인는 한통비우는데 일년이 넘게걸렸는데 이제품은 식사대신 계속 찾게되네요


love it

Reviewer2772762发表于 Oct 12, 2012

It tastes good, smells good. It's also blended well with milk or water. made a good choice.


Very nice

Reviewer1920504发表于 Aug 17, 2012

With the proper amount of sweetener it feels like chocolate pudding. I love this product. Unfortunately I need to add too much sweetener plus the original sweetener is one I have problem to digest.


초콜렛 맛이 안 나고

Reviewer2722269发表于 Sep 25, 2012

팥죽맛이 나네요. 초코렛의 달콤쌉사름한 맛을 기대했는데 ㅠ 정량넣고 물에 타 먹었는데 완전 걸쭉하고 설탕 안 넣은 맹맹한 팥죽맛이에요. 앞으로 이걸 다 먹을 걸 생각하니 암담...


Good nutrition, mix with other stuff

Siljel发表于 Oct 21, 2015

I like the nutrition profile, and the price, of this product. I wouldn't say it tasted brilliant but I will try to add more stuff to it the next time I make it. I won't be able to drink this on my own. Might not purchase again but happy enough for the one-time buy.


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