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Nice deep flavor

Reviewer2812867发表于 Nov 05, 2011

This coffee is a little on an expensive side due to being organic (only 340g), but pesticide free & full body yet clean flavor is worth the price. I limit one mug cup of organic coffee per day made with spring water and I look forward to every morning with this coffee (I cut all expensive starb**s morning coffee after drinking this one!!) I notice the difference with organic coffee vs. non-organic. With non-organic I get caffeine withdrawal and get jittery after drinking one, but with organic it is much softer in taste but packed with real flavor. It is also nice to know it is fairly traded and my money is not going to the middle men/big trading house, but going to local farmers instead :) to grow better beans and for sustainable farming!! Definitly recommended.


Wet-processed, Central American, single origin, 100% arabica coffee!

5100710449146650849发表于 Jan 24, 2014

What else can you ask for? Really awesome coffee. You won't get any jitters, anxiety or get a crash/be fatigued even if you drink 4 cups of this. It is so clean and free from mycotoxins. Bulletproof coffee. /Zenfood


Best flavour

Reviewer1925619发表于 Jun 20, 2012

The Rainforest Blend coffees all taste wonderful, but this is my favourite. I buy whole beans and my Jura coffee maker turns it into a delicious, aromatic coffee with a good froth. It is delicious on it's own or with whole milk and Stevia sweetener. It's a bonus that is is organic and fairly traded.


Nothing special...

acumen发表于 Aug 19, 2013

... I must say. I've tried almost all the coffee's here, and this one is no better than the rest. PS. Be sure to check my profile page for +180 reviews on iHerb products.


I'm very pleased iHerb supplies coffee beans now.

Reviewer1582777发表于 Jun 14, 2011

So pleased in fact, that I almost wouldn't care what it tastes like- but no, that's nonsense, of course I care! I only have coffee on weekends, so it's a treat, and thus, quality is important. I think this is a tasty coffee - not as strong as a French Roast, which I don't like, nor as weak as, well, any number of coffees. I'd buy it again.



IHA611发表于 Sep 01, 2013

expensive, but very tasty!recommended!!!


Great Coffee

Reviewer1229135发表于 Dec 05, 2011

This was a gift but I know that it will be good!


Benefic Joys Derivative of this Particular Organical Coffee

5725442780811876093发表于 Nov 07, 2012

Highly Desirable, and I Like It .


Great Rainforest Blend Organic Coffee!

BeckySue发表于 Mar 13, 2015

Appreciate that this item is USDA Organic. This is a perfectly rounded blend yielding a medium bodied, complex flavor.


very good

4779229448987998335发表于 Sep 17, 2013

would buy again


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