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Yummy soft ginger spice cookies!

Reviewer2601268发表于 Sep 27, 2013

I like just about anything with ginger, and have always been a big fan of ginger snaps. iHerb was out of stock on my usual brand, so I thought I'd try these. No regrets! These are soft cookies, and one of the best gluten-free baked goods I've tasted (they're vegan, too). The texture has just the right balance between firm and chewy, and the almonds add crunch and flavor. One reviewer complained that they didn't have enough ginger, and if you're looking for a straight ginger cookie, this isn't it. They might be better labelled as "spice cookies" since they've got cinnamon, allspice, and cloves as well. But I love the taste, and the price is reasonable, so I'll be coming back for more.


Top shelf cookies made with healthy ingredients.

Reviewer3010105发表于 Mar 03, 2015

I was looking to buy a gluten-free, wheat-free, non-dairy cookies that were at least decent tasting. An added bonus would that it be made from ingredients that are very healing for my own specific genetics & digestive tract, which describes almost all of the indredients used in Pamela's Ginger Cookies with Sliced Almonds. These are very tasty cookies regardless. At first I thought they were just good. I wasn't sure about the other spices in the ginger cookie - like nutmeg, allspice and cloves. But it only took me a short while for my expectations to adjust. They're terrific -- 5 stars.



Reviewer2506491发表于 Apr 09, 2016

My kids loved these especially my son who prefers soft cookies. like that they are a healthier cookie.


More like a brownie.

Reviewer3035688发表于 Aug 09, 2016

It tasted like choc brownie. slight hint of ginger. Rather soft. Quite strong cinnamon fragrance.


good taste

Reviewer1094096发表于 Oct 21, 2013

These are pretty good, ingredients are natural. If you are gluten -tolerant you may want to continue eating the wheat ones. I eat all cookies, these taste a bit different from the wheat cookies but these are nice and I like the lack of gluten.


Delicious cookies!

SavoringLife发表于 Dec 22, 2013

Delicious cookies!


Nice and gingery

Reviewer2036832发表于 Aug 12, 2011

delicious tasting ginger cookie - wish it were a little crisper though


Tasty but a little too sweet

Reviewer1529822发表于 Jul 13, 2012

Very tasty but a little too sweet


이 한약 냄새는 뭡니까 ;;;

Reviewer2554860发表于 Mar 07, 2013

이 리뷰들 쓴 외국분들은 어떨지 모르지만 전 한 입 베어물자마자 무슨 한약맛쿠키 같았어요.. 생강쿠키 같은 느낌 전혀 없구요.. 양도 엄청 많고 나름 쿠키에 이 정도 돈 쓴 적 없는데 돈이 아까워요 ㅠㅠ. I am not gonna buy this cookie ever again. not ginger taste at all. i am so dissapointed.


Demasiado fuertes

4940496646850612898发表于 Apr 20, 2015

Me encanta las galletas especiadas, soy de las que cuando va a Ikea tiene que volver con una lata o caja grande de galletas de jengibre así que cuando vi estas que no tenía casi azucares y parecían ser mas sanas que las de Ikea no lo dudé. Mi decepción ha sido que son tipo bizcocho, no galleta de las que crujes y tiene un sabor fuertisimo que se queda en la boca un buen rato. No me han gustado nada, la verdad, ha sido una total decepción. Eso sí, si a vosotros os gustan los sabores fuertes, estas son vuestras galletas/bizcochos. Saludos!!


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