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Improves health

Reviewer1529736发表于 May 14, 2008

I started buying this over a year ago. It's really helped with my immune system and a bit with energy. I have fibromyalgia and get colds easily. When I take this daily, I notice a slight improvement in energy (and you'll take any improvement when you have fibromyalgia) plus I avoid or get mild colds. When I forget to take it, I notice a slight drop in energy. I just waded through a 5-day cold since I was out of this. Just placed an order for 2 bottles.


My first time buying this

Reviewer2999174发表于 Feb 19, 2009

I purchased this brand of astragalus since the kind I usually order was out of stock. This seems to be a good product.....I have been taking astragalus for 5 years since I was prone to viruses. I really have not been sick since I started taking this herb on a daily basis. I would highly recommend this herb.


Balance Hormones, Strengthen System

ellelisw发表于 Oct 10, 2009

Astragalus has been used for centuries and is recognized by medical groups as a useful natural product. If you are suffering from chronic fatigue, hormone imbalance, and an over-stressed system, astragalus helps bring back balance and energy. Paradise Herbs is an excellent brand because it is potent and pure (no fillers of any kind!) You really get more for your money with this.


Great Isoflavones alternative source to Soy ...

PracticalReviews发表于 Oct 26, 2013

i need Isoflavones daily to fight the hot flashes of menopause and i much prefer to skip all the Soy side effects wether its GMO or not and go with Astragalus for its "side benefits" like strengthening my immune system and much more,i buy the 120 caps container and take 2 capsules daily for its 20mg isoflavones inside and i also haven't been seek for a year since i started taking it.this company has great extracts,check them out and check my reviews on these,i tried lots of them....you are welcome to rate & read my other reviews


Paradise Herbs, Astragalus

Reviewer2305890发表于 Jan 18, 2009

In addition to taking mushrooms and beta glucan, I've added astragalus to my diet to prevent colds, flu, etc. So far it has worked.


Great Astragalus for enhancing immune functions

Reviewer1243772发表于 Feb 07, 2009

High concentrated Astragalus available in the health food market.


Astragalus purchase

Reviewer2878688发表于 Jan 14, 2008

the product is just what I had wanted. I have purchased from a health food store previously and the cost at iHerb was much cheaper than the health food stores price. will purchase again through iHerb.


1 star

JOSPHH发表于 Aug 09, 2016

1 star


BM ease

Reviewer2472936发表于 Feb 13, 2011

Since taking this, Rain Nutrition's "Cat's Claw Bark", and Nature's Way's "Opti-MSM", I've had perfect BMs which haven't been that way for half a dozen years or more. I've taken other brands of CCB and MSM -- some of which were effective, though not so much in the BM department. Thus maybe astragalus has had a major hand in it. I've been done with my business in record times.


though skeptical

4885005923043004063发表于 Jul 11, 2014

though skeptical at the beginning i have to admit this product is very good nd you feel the effect very soon.I would recommend this to anyone with adrenal fatigue in conjonction with siberian eulotherocoque+maca or rhodiola+fo-ti+camu camu!!


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