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Finally lost weight

Reviewer1544318发表于 11月 28, 2006

Couldn't lose weight despite excellent diet and exercise regime for 5 years. Started taking 2 banaba each day and continued with same diet and exercise and have lost 30 pounds in 3 months. I literally watched the pounds fall off. Threw out the fat pants and feeling great about myself again. By the way, 3 different doctors suspected insulin resistance but never confirmed it.


Results seem noticably positive so far

Reviewer2882465发表于 2月 07, 2008

After reading some of the other promising reviews, I figured I'd give Banaba Leaf a try for aid in losing some weight. I started a controlled diet program on Jan 9, and the results were at best, a pound a week -- up until I started this product..I seem to be getting double the pleasure now. I take 1 cap 2 times daily either during or right after lunch and dinner. I am also monitoring my sugar intake, which I believe is also contributing to my efforts, too. Give it a whirl, at $12 a bottle, it's certainly worth a try. And their are no side effects..I'll definitely keep supplementing with this one.


Paradise Herbs, Banaba Leaf, 60 Veggie Caps

Reviewer2360401发表于 4月 20, 2008

Lowers my blood sugar and is very reliable. A great product. It takes about a week or to get into your system. The downside is that if I run out, it takes a while for the capsule to take effect again. I plan have at least two extra bottles on hand.


Diabetes Control

Reviewer3303384发表于 4月 03, 2009

I am a type 2 diabetic and was intially told I needed to take insulin at the time I was diagnosed. I opted for diet and exercise before going to insulin. I discovered from my research that banaba was used in the far east for diabetes and decided to try that. I have lost weight, watch my diet, and take the banaba daily as my only "pill." My A1C has been between 5.2 and 5.7 for four years now. Can't say for sure it was the banaba, but I don't want to change what works.


Weight Loss

Reviewer2617419发表于 4月 28, 2008

I have tried several "cures for weight loss" however none seem to work. I have been using Banaba Leaf and am pleased. It does cure the munchies and has helped me to lose weight. Not as fast as I would like however the slower I take it off the longer I will keep it off. Within 3 months I have lost 18 pounds. It is worth trying.



Reviewer2775935发表于 5月 03, 2008

very impressed with these herbs, my blood sugar has consistantly come down with continued use and has gone from a fasting 129 to a fasting 94 over the past year!



Reviewer2590071发表于 3月 11, 2008

Works well to help me control my sugar cravings Also, dealing with your co. is a "piece of cake". Thanks


Good weight-loss product

Reviewer2507624发表于 1月 12, 2008

I was looking for a product that helps lower blood sugar or that helps with diabetes, and I bought this product. I read in another review that someone took this product in order to lose weight... and I noticed that I also lost some weight with Banaba.


blood glucose reduced

Reviewer3002830发表于 9月 13, 2006

dramatically lowers fasting and postprandial b;ood glucose levels-use in conjunction with cinnulin (cinnamon extract). Glucose down 30 to 40 pts using the two


Bababa rules

Reviewer1359147发表于 6月 12, 2008

Control sugar craving. I'm not sure if I lost any weight. My clothes fits better and my belly is smaller. I also do exercise and watch my diet. This product helps to reach my goal.


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