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Reviewer2877496发表于 5月 25, 2012

Maca is one of the best supplements I have taken. It restored my energy levels and makes me feel good throughout the day. This is the only supplement I can say really makes a diffence of how I feel. You can actually feel the a diffence in you body and mind. I love Maca and will continue on it for the rest of my life. No other herbal supplement i can actually feel the positive results like Maca.


Maca Works Works Works!

5542353082170782301发表于 3月 22, 2013

I have been taking this stuff for 2 weeks. Start noticing difference by the third day. It really help balance hormones. I've noticed some curves going on in the hip area and butt growing. My hubby told me today that he even noticed I was getting curvy and a nicer shape. This is 250 mg and I only take one capsule a day. Go Maca! Thanks.


Good but not the same

Reviewer3012837发表于 11月 19, 2014

I have taken this brand since 2011 and the potency has definitely changed from what it used to be. Now I have to take up to 3 feel what i felt in taking one. I'm not sure what the company they aren't ent as strong as they use to be. So you will go through them a lot quicker. I just hope they are still free of binders and fillers and non gmo. I feel like I will be up to 4 caps soon thinking. I should probably look for a stronger brand. However this brand does work just with more caps taken.


Amazing Maca

Reviewer3330129发表于 5月 25, 2011

Great stuff. For females it will balance hormone function and also aid in supporting libido, for males it is great for steady energy. Great brand - highly concentrated so the capsules are small.


Good Maca

Reviewer1695904发表于 10月 19, 2011

I have used the NOW brand and this feels more potent, I have more energy.


Great benefits

Reviewer2191575发表于 7月 07, 2009

I love this brand of Maca. No side effect. I take 2 per day in the a.m. My PMS symptoms have calmed down, my skin is clearing up. Great benefits from this vitamin. I've been taking them for two weeks, I saw results by the third day.


on time

Reviewer2536815发表于 11月 17, 2011

fast shipping great product. balanced my hormonoes


Maca Review

5527576416718523407发表于 8月 07, 2012

My daughter tried this product and really likes it so I thought I would give it a try. I have more energy since being on the product and I am more alert. I have diabetes and need all the help I can get because this disease makes you sluggish and you are tired all the time.


Paradise Herbs Maca now SUCKS

5652245761243886250发表于 7月 20, 2014

I have been buying this specific brand of Maca for months now because it worked . But that changed today. I just received two new bottles. Upon opening, I immediately noticed that the taste and smell were different. Not to my surprise, the effects of the Maca was different (less potent and harder on the stomach). I thought it was a bad batch, but when I compared my new order of Maca bottles with my old Maca empty bottles, I noticed that in fact Paradise Herbs had changed the label. This confirms that this is NOT the same product I have been consuming for months. After trying to contact the company VARIOUS times, I received absolutely no response whatsoever. This is a big red flag. I no longer will buy ANY of Paradise Herbs products. I will find another reputable company that actually cares about their clients.



Reviewer1564059发表于 2月 27, 2012

Its amazing how much energy and stamina can a small pill gives you. I take two every day, and three and an extra one before that special moment. I highly recomend this product.


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