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Paradise Tibetan Cordyceps

4782868986597761729发表于 8月 23, 2012

I have been using Cordyceps for well over 2 years now. The original product I used was quite expense and just became too rich for my blood. Therefore I've switched over to the Paradise brand. I was very happy to find that I benefit on the same level using the Paradise brand as I was with the more expensive product. I notice a significant difference in my endurance and strength during my workout routines when I take cordyceps. My workout routine is vigorous, I run over 6 miles 3xweek and do a hardcore routine of weight resistance and compound exercises that lasts for 75min the other 3 days a week, taking 1 day off for rest. The key to continuously benefit from taking cordyceps, is to take them for 2 months on 2 weeks off. Continue taking them on this schedule and I believe you will always feel the difference. At least I do.



Reviewer2561245发表于 11月 22, 2009

My breathing problems at night is taken care of with the use of this product.


very excellent product with good price

Reviewer1896974发表于 4月 16, 2010

my parents said they have felt better energy, and less fatigue, also, their grey hair have turned into black again.


Paradise Herbs, Tibetan Cordyceps, 60 Veggie Caps

Reviewer1212307发表于 3月 23, 2009

This product has definitely helped me with masculine-related activities.


This stuff is awesome

Reviewer2098910发表于 12月 03, 2014

As of this review I am a 27 y/o, 5'4" 125lb female. I originally took this in the winter for lung capacity and immune boosting properties. I recently started working out again after my last child and notice a HUGE difference in my endurance and ability to do cardio without feeling like I'm going to fall over. I went from dreading cardio or even walking up a large flight of stairs to looking forward to my next workout, which has never happened. Ever. I see why athletes take this. Makes me feel good and boosts my energy. I hope this review is able to help someone. Peace and love to all of you!


Not Bad

Reviewer3001165发表于 9月 10, 2008

use it along with Rhodiola; works well


delicate potency - maybe too delicate..

PracticalReviews发表于 10月 26, 2013

although i admire this company and uses literally dozens of its products this product is too weak for my body and i can't really feel its effect,there are other cordyceps products that i do feel them working on my body in the same dosages i take this product so i tend to prefer them in this case,but it may be beneficial to other people with lower tolerance to Cordyceps because its clean from addities like most companies do add.in the positive side may i add that every time i take cordyceps i have an after taste of it half an hour after,this one didn't give me this taste and thats nice ...you are welcome to rate & read my other reviews


Tibetan Cordyceps

Reviewer1978473发表于 10月 11, 2007

Wonderful boost when mountain climbing, roller blading, kayaking. I'll continue to enjoy!



Reviewer1009764发表于 10月 05, 2008

Originally introduced to this herb on a recent trip to China. When I ran out I was referred to this web sit for supplies and shipping. Happy with product quality and extremely impressed with the speed of arrival! Recommended by myself and friends.



Reviewer2852097发表于 2月 06, 2010

best price and product available... replacing caffeine from diet, the natural energy of body is enhanced with continued use...


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