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I would never buy this brand again

Reviewer2350961发表于 Jul 11, 2013

No doubt about the taste. It is quite good. I bought 3 bottles of this product. I gave one bottle my friend and tried two bottles at home with my family. HOWEVER, I saw horrible creature in the bottle. At the first time I found it near the bottom of the bottle. I have not keep the container opened when I don't use. But the second time, I was quite sure that this worm is from the factory. I found it from the second container. THIS TIME, I found it even near the top of container. That tiny white little worm can easily be found. Though some people unfortunately couldn't find it when they mix this with milk which color is quite the same with this worm. Otherwise, I am only the unfortunate person...


Postum Replacement

Reviewer2229217发表于 Feb 08, 2012

Bought as a replacement for Postum. Very similar in flavor. Great tasting warm drink.


Pero is my hero!

Reviewer1280972发表于 May 10, 2012

So, back to the no coffee thing - I tried Pero and WOW - Ok - I can do this! It tastes very familuar to a cup of coffee, but no caffeene at all and it has good herbs in it too! I enjoy the flavor and have a cup once in a while when the coffee need hits!! thanks for carrying this product!


The best coffee substitute I've tried!

4685435092298124163发表于 Nov 09, 2012

This tastes just like coffee! I've tried Cafix and original Pero & they do not come even near to the taste of coffee. This has that real bittery coffee taste if I put enough of it. YUM! No matter how much Cafix I add, it has no coffee taste. iHerb also has the best price! I keep coming back to order more! So far I went through 4 of these. I'm breastfeeding & this is the BEST coffee substitute that I can drink loads of. I drank this through all my pregnancy too. btw, drinking hot beverages before nursing helps bring on a letdown, so I drink lots of this stuff :) Edit: I tried Teeccino & made a switch to that cuz of flavors. I hate coffee creamers cuz they're unhealthy. Plus Teeccino is healthier. I don't mind brewing it. I still order instant for my mom who doesn't brew.


Extra dark Roast Pero Yummy

Reviewer1612143发表于 Jun 03, 2011

Love this!! It has a great bold taste and so low in calories. This is impossible to find in the stores. I love the zero caffeine and zero coffee but such a great taste. I use yummy coffee creamers, like french vanilla and chocolate.


The Best!

Reviewer1820048发表于 Sep 14, 2011

The best tasting coffee substitute I've ever come across. It gets even better with a little vanilla non-dairy creamer. The Extra Dark Roast is the only way to go.


Pero Instant Natural Beverage Mix, Extra Dark

Reviewer1566745发表于 Oct 04, 2011

This product is excellent. Has a "coffee" taste without the caffeine and is a healthy alternative to coffee. Great flavor. Decent price. I wish it was still sold in a store near me, like Feel Rite or Wegmans.


Pero Dark Roasted Drink

Reviewer2578985发表于 Nov 30, 2011

Forty years ago, I first tasted the original Pero drink and found it rather weak. This new dark-roasted Pero is fragrant, hearty and delicious. It does not seem to have been discovered by most stores, so I was very glad to find it at iHerb. I got seven jars, for the best price anywhere on the web and it arrived well-packed and quickly. I am VERY pleased with the transaction.


Fantastic product, I kicked caffene with this great tasting drink

Reviewer1613721发表于 Nov 01, 2012

Never thought I would ever stop drinking coffee until I tried Pero. It has the rich dark roast flavor without the bitter taste of coffee and without the caffene. Great winter drink, can drink at night and not worry about it keeping you up. Will order again and again.


Pero - Extra Dark Roast

4858840948667688165发表于 Nov 12, 2012

I was a committed Starbucks coffee drinker. After trying several other substitutes, I have settled on this Coffee substitute. For me, the jar will not make 150 cups, because I make it stronger. But I have found it a very satisfying substitute to coffee.


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