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Worked better than expected.

Reviewer2345221发表于 6月 13, 2011

Kitty appears to be doing better after a long struggle with Kidney issues. Will keep her on it and see where it leads. Just bought more so we do not run out. Price is more reasonable than local pet store and I-herb service is FAST.


my little anglel loves it

Reviewer2550142发表于 6月 27, 2012

Well, what can i say -i have a hairless sphynx cat -so i can not tell you guys nothing like " now his coat is long and shiny " , i honestly dont know if it works , but my cat loves it- so i love it too.


My cat finds it tasty.

Reviewer3180954发表于 4月 06, 2012

Not sure if it's healthy or not, but my cat likes it.


Use it as a treat

Reviewer1368652发表于 12月 01, 2011

Do not see much difference in UT of my cat but keep giving it like a treat


Good for cats with sensitive bowels

Reviewer1719324发表于 7月 22, 2013

I have bought this as my cat has sensitive stomach and bowels not for the original purpose of this product. I have read N-Acetyl Glucosamine is good for cats with sensitive tummy and bowels. This prouct worked for my cat, Julia. Besides, this has helped her hairball problem, too. Since I have put her on this, there has been not one episode of hairballs. Her stool turned normal from loose. I know this is not a panacea but it has worked for my cat. I definitely recommend this product to anybody who has a cat with sensitive tummy. I am giving Julia just one everyday after she eats. When I gave one chew to her with empty stomach, it looks like the chew upset her stomach.Be careful not to give this to a cat with empty stomach.


if our cats could write....

Reviewer3317240发表于 12月 09, 2012

they would have written this themselves ! our aging tom has had kidney problems for while now, but with UT support now has become a lot more lively again looks like he has benefited greatly thanks, pet naturals team !



Reviewer2493063发表于 5月 02, 2012

My cat likes it and eats with pleasure. Cant say anything about results but the cat seems happy and healthy


These are Hard.

Reviewer2330606发表于 11月 05, 2011

My kitty is 18 years old and was having UT problems. these chews are hard with little chew to them. I have to cut them in fours for her. You can smell the cranberry though. I would like to try to purchase these again thinking I just got a Not So Fresh Batch, But I am afriad I'd be wasting my money. I like that they are natural, so I am really trying to decide if I'd like to try them again.


cat loves

agrifona发表于 6月 28, 2012

my cat loves all Pet Naturals of Vermont products!


Cat loves it !

4907960448833173880发表于 6月 29, 2013

See an improvement with cat's urinary tract problems.


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