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Triphala Review

Reviewer2260854发表于 May 09, 2010

My doctor for the last twenty-five years, who has what I would describe as a conservative medical practice, has a keen interest in Ayurvedic Medicine. In the past I have tried many homeopathic remedies and found them to be useless and never once resulted in whatever "as advertised" remedy. My doctor who I consider a friend, so believed in the positive results of Triphala that he gave me a free bottle. I skeptically took them morning and night. After hitting the internet hard on Triphala, the list of possible positive advantages of Triphala is a mile long which increased my skepticism. It appeared that at the top of the list of good results was removing toxins from the digestive tract and aiding in digestion and better food absorption. Now the set up. I am a chronic migraine sufferer getting a migraine every single day for thirty years, living on Imitrex and Fioricet on a daily basis. After three weeks my migraines began disappearing, acid reflux disappeared, ate less, bowel became regular, skin looked more healthy, more energy, etc. And even with this amazing results, I remain skeptical because it is just hard to believe one little thing like Triphala could be responsible for such positive results. So, as suggested I stopped taking it for two weeks after taking it for three months. After the first week off of Triphala, all the old crap started to come back, migraines, indigestion and so on. Went back on it after two and a half weeks off, and all of the good results have returned. I have literally begged a few friends to start and they are all reporting benefits. So there you go. I should also say that my doctor now takes it and he told me there was not one known side effect. Rich


great product, great price

Reviewer1437658发表于 Sep 04, 2010

Triphala works for detoxing, and this is a great brand and competitive price.


Good for digestive issues

LouLou发表于 Nov 24, 2012

I have been pleasantly surprised at the subtle but effective nature of these ayurvedic products. They seem very natural without all those coatings and this one is effective for soothing the digestive system. I have also started taking ashwagandha in the same brand which I really like too.


Cleanser and Tonifier

Aloha-Health发表于 Apr 22, 2013

This triphala works well for me. It totally helps get digestion in order and reduces belly bulge. I choose to use the Triphala Gold version because it's fruits are of high quality and sustainably wildcrafted. When the Gold version isn't available, I use Planetary Herbals regular version. I also like Organic India brand triphala.



username161发表于 Mar 02, 2011

Really good daily tonic, it has helped to bring me right after years of trouble with constipation. Won't be without it now. Good brand.


High quality and highly effective

Reviewer3004923发表于 Feb 04, 2011

Very gentle - really acts to regulate rather than as a laxative


good product-good price-fast shipping

Reviewer2378335发表于 Aug 16, 2010

I've used Triphala for years and have found the "Gold" to be better. Use less (one tablet instead of two) for the same effect.


my second order

Reviewer1762466发表于 Dec 28, 2010

very effective for a strong immune system


triphala gold

Reviewer2056784发表于 Mar 27, 2010

I have been using Triphala 4 many years and loved it. The Triphala gold is even better, which I didn't think could be true. I always order from IHerb, because other sites do not have this product, and I will not risk trying something else. This and the regular Triphala are amazing products. You can be sure you system is healthy with no side affects at all.


Love Planetary Herbals

5734304313578817311发表于 Mar 25, 2015

Love Triphala from Planetary Herbals, but I must admit, I am not sure to get the difference between the gold and regular version. If anyone can enlighten me, it would be much appreciated :-)


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