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Seems to work

Reviewer2747753发表于 Oct 13, 2009

I've been taking these for a couple of months for acid reflux and IBS symptoms- I also take digestive enzymes, and basically by taking this with the enzymes before each meal I was able to stop taking Nexium and have had the same results. I'm still not cured though, so I'm trying different things, but it's worth it to not have to take a proton pump inhibitor (Nexium, Prilosec, Prevacid, etc.) indefinitely. The taste, being sugarless, is pretty bad, to be honest, but you get used to it. FYI: My symptoms are basically pressure in the stomach, and a congestion/gurgly feeling in the throat after meals. I've had all the GI workups and they couldn't find anything, so they say I have IBS.


Soothing for the Stomach

Reviewer3221350发表于 Jan 18, 2011

I use DGL instead of Tums or other antacids. It not only helps sooth the stomach and digestion process, but is a great healing agent. I have read that these are not as effective after eating, but there have been times when I felt discomfort an hour or so after a meal and taking DGL put out the fire. So, I chew one when I need it.


Good product for the lining of the digestive track

Reviewer2507624发表于 Apr 10, 2008

Each morning I take one capsule upon arising on an empty stomack. Licorice is very good for the lining of the digestive track. Also, in the Chinese Traditional Medicine, Licorice is used in most formulas to balance the side effects of the other ingredients.


for digestive aid

Reviewer3236624发表于 Oct 05, 2008

These chewables taste just fine and they are an easy way to help me "stomach" the other herbs I am taking.It also seems to balance my hormones.


They work

Reviewer2437672发表于 Dec 09, 2011

These work. I like the taste and chew slowly so that they have a chance to line the area above my stomach. I mainly just take one at night and have no further need of heartburn meds at night. I had been previously waking in discomfort every night. I like to have them at hand wherever I go



Reviewer1476132发表于 Jul 04, 2008

Didn't realize how much my body needed it.


Great product - Occasionally inconsistent quality!

Reviewer1410470发表于 Aug 25, 2011

We love this product. Every now and then we will get a bad batch... tastes horrible and totally different from the norm... Hard to imagine how there can be such a dramatic difference from one product to the next!


Only palatable DGL I have found

Reviewer2523853发表于 Apr 05, 2008

My doctor recommended DGL for digestive problems, but I hate the taste of licorice, yet don't like to mask it with sugar. This product does not contain any sugar, and the natural orange flavor disguises the licorice flavor enough that I can tolerate it. I prefer to limit my sugar intake to an occasional chocolate treat!


Best quality DGL

Reviewer2456696发表于 Oct 23, 2007

This the best product I have used, excellent for indigestion, better than others.



Reviewer2464276发表于 Nov 01, 2007

As usual, the service is excellent. The DGL is a good product to reduce gastric reflux.


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