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Excellent Product

Reviewer1720228发表于 10月 24, 2007

The only thing wrong with this product is the label. It's an amazingly effective natural pain reliever -NOT just for the head. I use it to releive pain from rheumatoid arthritis and am really pleased with the results it provides. I would unhesitatingly recommend it. nn evans



Reviewer2552796发表于 7月 09, 2010

I have tried many, many herbal, OTC, and prescription drugs for the migraines I have had for the past 5 years but this is the only product that works for me. If I take it daily, I do not get migraines at all. What happens, unfortunately, is that I develop a medical issue that requires treatment with a prescription medication that I eventually start to get migraines from. I end up back on Fioricet to combat the headaches but then I get rebound headaches from not taking the Fioricet. This product is what calms and eventually stops those headaches. I take 2 tablets at a time in combination with 200 mgs of magnesium and one 30 mg CoQ10 softgel. I highly recommend iHerb for their service, great prices, and fast shipping.



Reviewer1061515发表于 3月 15, 2009

Ive only been taking this product for about 3wks and Im not sure just how well its going to work for me. Ive noticed a slight decrese in my headaches but not by much


Excellent relief for migraine stress and symptoms

Reviewer1024001发表于 5月 29, 2008

Suffered from migraine disturbances for many years. While it doesn't completely relieve all symptoms, this herbal medicine DOES eliminate the core element of pain and it does enable normal sensitivities to light or noise to return. It DOES enable normal function to resume. Highly recommended.


Staves off migraines

Reviewer2030676发表于 7月 29, 2008

As long as I take these as directed, they prevent my migraines. I did forget to take them for two days in a row and backpedaled to needing conventional painkillers, unfortunately, but I learned my lesson and am back on track. I doubled the dosage during my menstrual cycle, the only time when I am almost guaranteed to have a migraine no matter what I eat (they are usually brought on my food allergies).


very beneficial

5642728316803087772发表于 8月 18, 2014

I have struggled with chronic headaches. Especially hormonal migraines. Of course that leads to medications I really preferred not to be taking. Through learning both about hormonal balance and supplements. This has been amazing. I highly recommend it! I take this along with life extensions migra-mag with brain sheild 3x a day. They work as a preventative and help stop a headache on onset. This is part of my anti-migraine program. Won't be without it! Excited for many others to experience the success I have had from debilitating headaches/migraines.


Helps headaches and other pain

nutranut发表于 6月 02, 2013

Normally, I take Advil or Motrin for headaches and muscle/joint pain, but only if it gets pretty bad. Most of the time I try to avoid even over the counter pain medications. I had ordered the trial size of Feverfew Head and was running around Thanksgiving week trying to get everything ready for the holiday. I had a persistent headache and had also done something to a muscle in my foot. Anyway, I decided to try the feverfew, but I didn't expect much. At the most, I thought it might help with the sore foot. My headaches tend to last for at least several hours and usually get worse before they finally go away. I was pleasantly surprised to find my headache disappeared within 30-45 minutes-which is unusual for me. My foot improved enough to get me through the day. However, I had been walking around for hours on it, so by that night the pain returned. I was so impressed with the product that I ordered a full size bottle. There are more ingredients than just feverfew in this product. I would have given it 5 stars except that the manufacturers didn't disclose the exact amounts of each ingredient.


Feverfew head Aid

Reviewer2286744发表于 11月 21, 2009

I use feverfew as a migraine prophylaxis and find it very effective. Unfortunately, I am unable to purchase the dosage I take, here in Australia so I am lucky to have found your company to deal with. I don't like taking the heavy duty prescripion drugs if I can help it. Even some of the herbal remedies have no effect eg the Migrastick which only gave me a red and itchy rash where it had been applied. At least now, I have a reliable source for a great product. Thank you so much


Great for Migraines,Great Service

Reviewer1010172发表于 11月 25, 2007

I started taking Feverfew for migraine relief when I discontinued precriptive medication. I worked great for me and I now have my daughter trying it. As for ordering from IHerb.com I fuond their prices, variety,availability of products and service, exceptional. With IHerb.com, I would order online on a Saturday and received my order within 3-5 days, without special mailing. My orders have always been complete and accurate. Thanks, IHerb.com.


Feaverfew Head Aid

Reviewer2475530发表于 3月 02, 2012

I found this product to be very effective in hauling down the pain level of a headache. It didn't make it go away entirely, but it did help. I do not plan to take it every day.


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