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Quite nice

Reviewer2674163发表于 Mar 02, 2008

This stuff is a very finely ground powder of the whole stevia leaf. It tastes as whole stevia should, and the small particle size of the powder makes it disperse quite nicely in liquids and blend in well in solid recipes. I prefer it greatly to Now's powder, which is much coarser. Some folks prefer refined stevia extract, which is neither green nor fibrous, but I'd rather stick to the whole, unrefined food. If whole stevia is what you're after, I think you'll be pleased with Planetary's product.


most natural, no stomach gas

Reviewer1879411发表于 Jan 10, 2007

Extracts often use chemical processes that leave chemical residues; or even bacterial processes! I have gotten very bad gas problems from certain stevia extracts, but have found the whole leaf to be problem-free. Sure, my coffee is greenish, but it is worth it. And it seems to last forever; alittle bit of the ground leaf is almost as strong as the extract.


Green stevia the best

Reviewer2144919发表于 Apr 25, 2009

This is the best way to take stevia. Better than the white powder form.


taste good

Reviewer1794033发表于 Mar 11, 2008

if you want a totally natural stevia product this is it! It has more of an herbally taste than the processed stevia (white) but i find it just as yummy, perhaps even a bit more so because it isn't so intensely sweet.


Adds a very nice taste, but doesen't dissolve completely.

Reviewer2003688发表于 Mar 12, 2007

I really like the taste of stevia. I think it has a better taste than sugar. I bought the leaf powder because it is less processed. If Only I didn't leave tiny balls of undissolved stevia floating on the surface of drinks, I would like it even better. Even so, plenty of the flavor gets absorbed. But you get the luxury of tasting crunchy stevia with the first few sips. Since I haven't yet tried the granulated form of stevia, I give this product 5 stars.


Love it

tinatherese发表于 Jan 04, 2012

It tastes a bit like grass, but the kids like it in their water so am happy:)


Read Carefully!

Reviewer1473781发表于 Aug 30, 2008

My mistake was in not reading carefully enough - this product containt the whole ground leaf, which gives it a very distinctive "green" flavor which is not well-suited as a sweetener for coffee's, etc. I would recommend it for baking and smoothies though, where the flavor will be masked by the other ingredients, but you can still obtain the natural sweetness.


Best tasting stevia product, handy shaker

Reviewer2605074发表于 Sep 16, 2013

This green leaf stevia tastes so much better than the stevia extracts. You have to use more and it doesn't dissolve, but it doesn't have the aftertaste that the extracts do. I've tried about 6 different brands of stevia extracts before trying this one and I'll stick with this from now on. I like the little shaker at the top which allows me to sprinkle it without having to get a spoon out. I use it mainly in my smoothies and desserts.


Did not like this product.

Reviewer2364344发表于 Apr 17, 2009

I have used Stevia for more than three years in loose powder, packets, and liquid. I love Stevia but did not like the taste, the color (light brown) nor the inability of this product to completely dissolve. The dark particles sit at the bottom of the container like sludge.


Too "Herby"!

Reviewer2924694发表于 Sep 08, 2011

I selected this because it was green & looked more organic, but the "herby" taste is nearly as strong as wheatgrass, and it tainted everything I put it in.


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