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Exceptional Stress Buster

Reviewer2227545发表于 4月 22, 2008

My daughter suffers from anxiety and bouts of depression. Her holistic doctor suggested Celestial's Tension Tamer tea three times a day. After a week or two we all noticed a marked improvement but she could not stand drinking the tea. After looking for a pill form alternative I found "Stress Free". She takes this 3 times a day on an empty stomach. I also give her Eleuthro twice a day. It has continued to help lessen my daughter's anxiety and she is better able to handle stress. I like the adaptogens in this formula.


Planetary Herbals, Stress Free, 810 mg, 90

Reviewer2391286发表于 6月 07, 2008

I love this product. I mistakenly took two and found myself soooooooo relaxed. I would recommend this product to anyone. Product was very fresh and of excellent quality. Free shipping, received product before end of the same week it was orders. Amazing.


Good part of an overall anxiety management plan

Reviewer2143569发表于 6月 22, 2010

Seems to be helpful though I have been using my intuition for dosage. More of a general tonic, needs to be used in conjunction with many other methods.


stress free

Reviewer2414324发表于 3月 18, 2011

good and non drowsy, just a calming blend


Good Stuff, Good Service

Reviewer1010172发表于 11月 25, 2007

This combination of herbs is fantastic. I have been using this brand and specifically Stress Free for years. These herbs are hard to find where I live and and after many attempts of ordering from the natural food stores at much higher prices, I found IHerb.com. What a relief! I have been able to order multiple bottles at a time at a fraction of the cost and much shorter wait time. When I ordered from the stores it would take as long as six weeks. With IHerb.com, I would order online on a Saturday and received my order within 3-5 days, without special mailing.


Very helpful

Reviewer1055349发表于 9月 13, 2011

A very helpful supplement in time of stress when taken in conjunction with stress-relieving techniques and lifestyle adjustments. The effect was positive and almost immediate. No unpleasant aftertaste, and no side effects, which is a definite plus.


i do not feel that it works

Reviewer1775206发表于 4月 18, 2012

'calm child' of same company is a lot better than this one. i take that child thing for myself, but it works brilliant! it works however, but not that satisfyingly. 같은 회사에서 나온 'calm child' 쪽이 훨씬 효과가 좋아요. 아이들 것이긴 하지만, 두세알 먹으면 바로 편안해 져요. 근데 이건, 좀. 음. 효과는 있는듯 하지만, 만족스럽지 못해요 ㅠ


Excellent product!!!

Reviewer2067506发表于 1月 31, 2012

Excellent product. No anesthetic but relaxing.


good sleep

5020838762208875173发表于 2月 21, 2013

the best, good day, relaxed ,very good sleep, great mood, i love it


Relieves stress

Reviewer2687403发表于 4月 23, 2009

I take this regularly, really relieves stress, I feel calm but normal after taking it...


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