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A true Godsend for my teenage daughter!!

Reviewer3236706发表于 Feb 02, 2011

At fourteen, my daughter was suddenly and inexplicably stricken with cystic acne. The doc suspected her sudden hormonal growth spurt. I also read that vegetarian children don't get enough zinc, which is also in this supplement. That said, we tried EVERYTHING over the counter. Nothing worked until I read about these. We started the supplements in the beginning of December, and I kid you not, by Christmas Day, HER SKIN WAS COMPLETELY FREE OF ACNE, INLCUDING THE CYSTIC ACNE! GONE! The only changes we made were these supplements. She has taken them every day without fail and her skin is clear to this day. Miraculous!


Giantic Pills

5343905463116418797发表于 Oct 22, 2013

Fast Delivery :D But after taking for 15 days, my teenage son experienced many acne breakouts! Worst of all, he got a serious terrible sore throat. I strongly believed that it could be due to heatiness. Therefore, I would not recommend this Brand to Asians. Will not buy again. Waste of Money :(


Love it!

Reviewer3263839发表于 Apr 28, 2010

I am in my mid-twenties and had been suffering from painful and embarrassing acne for almost two years. My doctor could only offer me birth control or antibiotics-neither of which I wanted. I finally went into my local health store and the lady recommended this product. She said even though it's for teens, she had heard older people benefit from it too. I was amazed that it actually started working! I've been on it for two months now and my skin is SO much clearer(I take 3 per day)! I'm so happy! And when I checked to see if iHerb had this product, I was ecstatic to see that it was over $15 cheaper than at the store I origianlly got it from!


it's cool

Reviewer2883990发表于 Sep 30, 2012

good vitamins, do skin purer, for teenagers the best


Very suitable for young people

Reviewer2717249发表于 Apr 02, 2011

my daughter has been taking this for a year and it works great,I will continue to buy。


Good Multi

Reviewer1773028发表于 Oct 07, 2010

My teen has only been using this a short while. Seems to be a good product. The tablets are quite large though.


They are okay

Reviewer1113890发表于 Feb 13, 2009

My daughter doesn't like the smell or large size but she is learning to take them. They seem to be okay.


Teen Vitamins

Reviewer1822818发表于 Apr 02, 2009

I got these for my teenagers because they were relatively inexpensive and had no junk in them. My only complaint is that they are a little large to swallow.


Great Ingredients-Giant Tablet

Reviewer2437994发表于 Oct 16, 2008

These tablets seemed to be a perfect answer to the question of adolescent suppliments. Unfortunately, the tablets are so large and hard to swallow, we had to abandon this multivitamin in favor of a a liquid-filled gelcap. Active Health's ingredients are better, but if you can't swallow the tablet there is no benefit.


Great for teens if they can take very large tablets

Reviewer2053364发表于 Feb 10, 2008

The ingredients in these vitamin tablets are great - the only drawback is that they are very large. If you are not comfortable taking tablets, try to find another product. My teen can take them, but occasionally gags. I will not buy these again as it is off-putting for him to take them and I suspect he will not keep up the routine


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