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bad absorption

Reviewer1624189发表于 Apr 25, 2008

i placed a pill in 90 degree white vinegar. after 30 minutes, about 1/32" had disolved and the tablet was still firm. i checked again after an hour and itt was at 50%. also, there were a lot of large particles floating on the surface and some in suspension. the greens seemed to loosen up first. this multivitamin is priced well and has a very good list of ingredients, but i will go with a liquid formula foe better absorption.


daily supplement

Reviewer1476682发表于 Mar 16, 2008

I have been switching to rainbow light because of the food based ingredients. And it was recommended by Dr. Oz on Oprah.


Quality & Service

Reviewer1761883发表于 Mar 27, 2009

I often research supplements by reading reviews from poeple who actually use the product. Once again, I can say this research has merit. No upset stomach, no other problems taking this vitamin. I sense, after a short time taking it, that I may have found the supplement I've been looking for as a daily 'vitamin'. Very pleased. Also - iHerb is the best at getting product in your hands ASAP. None better. Get automated system sends out my order - same day.



Reviewer3099816发表于 May 06, 2009



Rien a dire

Reviewer2665195发表于 May 05, 2010

Parfait. Je recommande vivement.


Nanci Burnham

Reviewer1569442发表于 Mar 04, 2008

Seems like a very good product--I've been feeling better each day, but this might just be a coincidence--I'm only on my first bottle. :) When I first ordered it, I was concerned that (for me) it might be impossible to take 3 of these tabs each day (they're fairly large), but I've managed it with no problems at all. This formula, at least from my perspective, has enough of everything one could want in a daily vitamin, without having TOO much of anything. In addition, each ingredient lists its source. I would never ingest an ingredient in ANY supplement without first knowing its source. Not all multi-vite companies list their sources. "Rainbow Light" is MUCH more than a simple daily multi-vitamin. It's worry free! Thanks, Rainbow Light!


Rainbow Light Multivitamin

Reviewer1791731发表于 Dec 07, 2010

This is a good product, although I don't like the size and price.



Reviewer2823328发表于 Apr 15, 2011

This is the first multi I have taken that is compatible with my thyroid medication. Very pleased!


Food-based multivitamins with no Iodine

maywonginSing发表于 Oct 29, 2012

I have used this food-based multivitamins for 3 months now. I like it as it does not have iodine, good for those with hyperthyroidism. It gives me sufficient vitamins and minerals of all sorts. I feel that it is better absorbed than other brands. Everyone in my office has come down with a flu. I am unaffected. Just 3 tablets with meals, application is easy. Price is right. I will continue to use it.


Nice stuff

Reviewer3126987发表于 Nov 10, 2012

The pill are quite big, but it easy breakes into two pieces. Would buy again when finish


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