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Great Product

Reviewer1377597发表于 9月 13, 2008

This is a very good and effective fiber product! It balances out digestion and tames aggressive appetites. True, it does taste just terrible. The remedy is to mix it with other fibers like SuperSeed and add cocoa (unsweetened powder) to it. Depending on your preference, add 1 to 2 Tbs per serving with 1/2 to 1 Tsp of sweet fiber. This makes it taste pretty good actually and even adds more fiber and flavonoids.


the best on the market.

Reviewer3138085发表于 7月 05, 2010

I've tried allot of daily colon cleanses but nothing compares to the effectiveness of this product., Herbs, clay, fiber, it has it all and it is soothing to my colon. The quality of the ingredients are superior to any product I've ever used. You can tell the quality of this product the moment you open the seal. This is also a tried and true company, with a superior track record.


hard to go down, but does seem to help

Reviewer2410633发表于 7月 05, 2008

well, the other reviews are correct, this stuff tastes nasty. You can add juice to help, but its still nasty. There is a lot of good stuff in there, and I do notice an improvement with how I feel after taking it for a while!


fiber write up

Reviewer2867966发表于 2月 05, 2008

This is truly a taste treat delight.........Not...If you think of dried, powered prunes, apples as a treat than this is for you. Otherwise it does what it is meant to do without sugars to rob my body of needed balance.


Good but tasts like crap

Reviewer1720226发表于 6月 23, 2008

That says it all


Tastes gross

Reviewer2136775发表于 7月 02, 2008

I would not recommend this product, because it is inedible. I am sure the product is wonderful for the digestion, but it is impossible to want to actually drink it.


Rainbow Light, Everyday Fiber System Powder, 8.8 oz (252 g) (

Reviewer2385911发表于 3月 18, 2008

Very good product! Highly recommend!


Rainbow Light, Everyday Fiber System Powder

Reviewer2719643发表于 12月 22, 2008

I really like the mix of ingredients in this product but I can only take 1 tsp per day as opposed to the recommended 1 tbs. Not sure why this is the case, but the lower dose seems to be sufficient for me.


Apple Juice

Reviewer2259645发表于 7月 08, 2008

My husband takes this EVERY day, along with Health From the Sun's FiProFLAX, mixed with apple juice. He puts it all in a jar and shakes well - drinking from the jar [with lid in hand] shaking as necessary to keep all the "stuff" mixed. This in lieu of chemical medications from the doctor for his digestive problems.


Every Day

Reviewer3191602发表于 3月 06, 2009

My husband drinks this every day & loves it.Keeps everything moving along without swallowing horse pills. He mixes it with juice.


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