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Reviewer1583441发表于 Aug 03, 2007

My doctor of oriental medicine recommended that I add a protein supplement to my diet. I tried a whey product which tasted awful and gave me stomach cramps and bloating. Then I tried a rice supplement which also didn't taste very good. Then I tried the Rainbow Light Product. It is wonderful! I'm a picky eater and needed something that tasted more like the junk food I'm eliminating. This is it! I drink a shake made with juice every morning. I enjoy it and I'm also feeling a whole lot better. It's even getting easier to give up grains and sugars.


Excellent product

Reviewer2738429发表于 Oct 01, 2009

IHerb, I find this product to be helpful in many areas. 1. With the helpful effect on chronic fatigue. It increases my energy by about 50%. 2. Depression: It's bulging with Amino Acid's that alleviate the effects of depression. 3. Mental clarity: foggy thinking, is what I tend to term it. RL eases this condition and makes it easier for me to recall and retain information much more accurately.



WendysRamblings发表于 Aug 15, 2010

I have many ailments, Fibromyalgia and a heart condition being the ones relating to this review, these two make me extremely tired. I can't have caffeine due to the heart ailment so have had to look for alternatives which are caffeine free... difficult where it comes to energy as most products contain caffeine. When I skip my protein shake in the morning I'm literally put to bed. When I take it I'm able to not only stay awake all day but I have a bit of energy to live on which I wouldn't have otherwise. I love this product and hope and pray that they never discontinue it unless it's to improve on it. :-) Which in my eyes would be hard to do. I can't recommend this product enough... and I'm not one to write reviews so you can take it to the bank.


This is my #1 Shake!

VBrave发表于 Jan 21, 2008

I've shopped around for a while for a good vegan shake with a good ratio of protein and high in fiber. This is great! I blend it with soy, rice or almond milk and it's absolutely exquisite. I take it in the morning for breakfast and take half dose post-workout and it has really helped with toning up my muscles. It really taste good and is loaded with goodness! I think this is as good as it gets for the price! One thing I didn't expect was the greenish color of it, but I quickly got passed that after I tasted it. So for those who like a white creamy shake, know that this looks a little greenish (but you don't taste the greens) and you need a blender to make a smooth shake.


Best Performing Protein/Energy Drink!

Reviewer2284640发表于 Jan 10, 2007

By chance I tried this produce while on vacation in Arizona. It does what it says it does!--No bloating, energy, overall a good feeling when I use it which is every day now!


This is a real energizer

Reviewer1397434发表于 Nov 07, 2007

I take it in the morning with a piece of bread and it gives me all that I need until lunch time. I strongly recommend this product.


Energy and flavor

Reviewer2505508发表于 Nov 17, 2007

I drink the Protein Energizer every evening. It has great flavor and it gives me energy. Since I don't eat dinner, the Protein Energizer helps me feel full without having to eat a heavy meal.


Sugar Free

Reviewer2081396发表于 Nov 27, 2007

I discovered this while on a very restricted diet. I needed an additional source of protein, I'm vegetarian and, and my diet at the time excluded dairy and sugars. This fit in perfectly, rice protein and sweetened with stevia. Had a good taste as well.



Reviewer2988327发表于 Apr 08, 2008

Best energizer drink I've ever had


I love this product!

Reviewer1906271发表于 May 06, 2010

I am changing my lifestyle and health choices--as well, I am trying to lose weight. In the past, I have loathed the taste of powdered drinks, but this one is wonderful--I look forward to it and feel I could drink it all my life---(I like the Acai Berry flavor the best). To get 25 grams of protein, I use 1.5 Tbsp., add unsweetened cranberry juice and water, a Tbsp. of Chia seeds or ground flaxseed, 1 Tbsp. flaxseed oil, 1/2 C or more of strawberries, blueberries, apple or other fruit and 1 Tbsp. powdered wheat grass. I blend it, and it tastes great and satisfies me for hours. I do this once or twice a day, and then eat regular meals with no gluten, lean protein and lots of vegetables. My rosacea and eczema are better and I have lost 15 lbs. I love it! Dana in Oregon


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