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Great Hair color for a natural look

Reviewer2498153发表于 Oct 02, 2008

This Henna-Rainbow Research colors by giving highlights. My hair looks healthy and my hair looks like it did 20 years ago! I will never use harsh chemicals again. I mixed this with hot coffee to reduce red tones. Works great!


Works great

Reviewer1533331发表于 Jan 22, 2012

Henna is a lot of trouble and makes a big mess. It's a commitment. If you do not want a bunch of chemicals on your head, henna is the only way I know of to cover gray. On my hair this was not as dark as I had hoped. Chestnut is my natural color. I have to use red henna on my gray roots to get them orange, then apply chestnut or sable henna to cover the orange. Gray roots require double-processing with henna to turn them brown. The first application of lawsonia inermis (red henna) binds to the gray hair and coats it; subsequent applications of indigo (the ingredient in this that makes it brown not red) adhere to the red henna coating. It is a lot of trouble and a work in progress. However, I have done this for close to a year and finally have glossy, shiny, thick brown hair. A year ago I had thin, splitting, damaged, artificially dyed hair that was too ash - now the color is back to my natural chestnut. Research henna before you try this.


Very Satisfied

Reviewer1229545发表于 Jan 24, 2010

I have used Henna before, and I decided to try yours. I also heeded the directions for covering the gray hairs I have using coffee and apple cider vinegar in the Henna solution, and it worked! I love how my hair looks and shines and feels like silk. Thank you! Your site was so helpful, as I am severely allergic to dyes, so I have to use only Henna. I used to use it alone, and of course, it didn't cover the gray hair. I followed your instructions and they worked beautifully. Thank you!


LOVE henna hair dye.

5472030889549128458发表于 May 17, 2016

I have been dying my hair for years, in all different colors, both at home and in a salon. I have to say that henna is one of the the best options for me. I add coffee to the mix to help cover greys...what greys? Yea, it's that good! I notice that the new couple days after I dye my hair it darkens, so if you don't want super dark, try a lighter one first. I use the medium chestnut brown, and within a day or 2 my hair will be a deep chocolate. Another thing I love about henna is your hair doesn't come out one solid flat color, there are lighter and darker tones (from where my hair was naturally lightened by the sun) It also makes hair feel thicker. Hope this helps someone who has never tried henna before! Ps it doesn't smell like harsh chemicals because it's not!


if it's good enough for Cleopatra...

4989966423641828551发表于 Sep 03, 2012

...it's good enough for me! How wonderful, I love this reallt natural product, the colour was great, their suggestions to add olive oil, coffee, tea or vinegar are great. It is back to basics though and you do need prep time and an old t shirt, felt like I was 18 again using this product, colour lasted about 5 weeks


Works good

Reviewer1672828发表于 Mar 08, 2011

Works good. It's messy and all that, but the hair looks great afterwords. Offcourse the chocolate colour turns out a bit on the red side, but henna does that. I like the recepes inside, how to mix in eggs, coffee, oils and other things in the mix to get the result you want.



5147055760578200940发表于 Jul 01, 2015

The Rainbow henna is a nice product and i've used this medium brown color for a different look; the brown is lighter than my natural color and the grey in my hair takes on a golden color. Works well and gives a nice healthy sheen.


WOW Color

Reviewer1615634发表于 Jan 18, 2014

I used the medium brown chestnut last night. I mixed the henna powder with mostly lemon juice and some water - let the mixture sit all day while I was at work - then applied when I got home. Messy !! Applied cellophane wrap and then a shower cap. I sat under a dryer for an hour and then waited another 5 hours before rinsing, using conditioner to help rinse it out. Troublesome process the first time BUT WORTH IT. My hair is amazingly healthy shiny and thick with a gorgeous auburn color. I am sold and just ordered more for when I need a touch-up. Oh yeah .... I added ginger powder to lessen the hay smell & it was fine. .


Great henna product

5666580384408569640发表于 Nov 20, 2015

Covers gray pretty well, leaves hair fuller and very shiny.



5287178679190435095发表于 Nov 21, 2015

I have been using Henna for a few years and I find the results are always satisfying, I have used a few different brands but this one is the very best. I get compliments on my hair color all the time. Thank you Nancy


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