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The BEST sugar you can get

tinatherese发表于 4月 23, 2013

My boys react to all sugars like fructose, xylitol, processed white cane sugar, agave, honey, maple, coconut, sugar etc BUT this whole cane sugar is the only sugar they can handle!! I made an awesome gluten free chocolate cake using this whole sugar and it tasted awesome, some people said it was the best cake they ever tried. If you want the recepie go to www.freecoconutrecepies.com and look for the fool proof chocolate cake:)


Great for waterkefir

Reviewer2561701发表于 11月 12, 2012

I use it to feed my waterkefir, and it works great.


taste just like sugar cane

Reviewer1250448发表于 10月 02, 2011

I really miss sucking and chewing on sugar cane as a child, this is the best tasting cane sugar. similar to the actual thing


It seems to have changed

Reviewer3175829发表于 3月 16, 2015

I have ordered this same brand of sugar before and my one bag wasn't empty yet so I was able to compare. This batch (I bought 16 bags) is quite a bit lighter than the bag I already had. I can't understand why this would be the case. It is still a great product but I use it for making water kefir and my kefir grains are not as healthy as they were with the previous batch of sugar. With the old sugar, they would triple in volume with each batch, now, they don't even double. The taste is fine for those who use it for other purposes.


Perfect for my Kefir Water

5521167486995774986发表于 12月 29, 2014

My kefir grains prefer this sugar to all others. It makes a nice rich kefir water flavor and color. It is also nutrient/mineral-rich due to the lack of processing. I have hunted locally and online for this brand of sugar and found this is the best price by far! I've found my kefir water sugar source...YAY!!!


Sweetness Along With Minerals

Reviewer2666562发表于 7月 10, 2011

Nice healthy replacement for non-nutritive white sugar.


Great sweetener in baking

Reviewer1673715发表于 6月 22, 2012

I use this mostly in baking and oatmeal. It has a molasses undertone, so I am careful about what I use it in. It looks like dark dry sand and it seems to take slightly longer than refined sugar to dissolve. Be aware that it will darken the color of your dish if used in sufficient amounts.


Great Stuff

Charybdis发表于 4月 18, 2013

I've had no problems using it one for one in recipes that call for standard, white sugar. It gives my baked dishes a more complex flavor, though it will darken really light baked goods just a bit. I've also used it to make grenadine, and it reduced beautifully with great flavor. I also like it's organic and that the growers are being fairly compensated for their work. I hope iherb continues to carry this product - you can't beat the price for this level of quality.



5480909491456472262发表于 12月 09, 2013

Nice granules, I know it might sound terrible for some people but for me it's wonderful COSMETIC product :) works so well in scrubs!


délicieux et économique

5581879138179459877发表于 3月 24, 2014

On en met moins et il apporte un petit goût de réglisse...j'adore!


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