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CandiGone review

Reviewer2566197发表于 Apr 16, 2008

I've been having various health problems related to an overabundance of Candida albicans including a pretty bad case of nail fungus in addition to just feeling tired all of the time. I'm on my second round of CandiGone and the nail fungus is clearing up already - nothing, and I mean, nothing worked on this nail fungus prior to taking the CandiGone products. Even more importantly, I have more energy than I've had in probably 10 years. Thank you!


Good Daily Combo Protocol

Reviewer2922397发表于 Jan 01, 2008

I first used it in mid-2006 to kill Candida. I stayed on the product for 3 months to make sure it was gone. CandiGone has a wide enough spectrum of herbs to kill many different varieties of Candida. It has a good 2x daily combination protocol of capsules and tincture. I also added a high daily dose of one of the herbs that my Doctor's Data test showed killed my strain of Candida.


Mrs. Denise Scudder

Reviewer3195626发表于 Nov 23, 2008

I thought this product was very good at cleansing, even when I didn't do very well on the diet. I feel a whole lot better and more alive than I have in the last year or so. Thank you.


From Iowa

Reviewer2446270发表于 Apr 03, 2009

This stuff works for me and I tried others. I take it before I go to bed and it helps me sleep better.


not for everyone

5595948348715286120发表于 Jan 07, 2013

this product made my candida symptoms really flare. I have been on the candida diet for month but oral thrush and skin rashes returned with using this product. It gave me terrible breath and body odor. Suited to those who can hide in the home for 2 weeks while they use it


This is really work.

Reviewer2215553发表于 Nov 12, 2010

After I took this one 1 week I had feel so sick but after pass that pain It's feel so different, my skin is very change and allergy is gone, I'm sure this is really work to me.


good results

Reviewer1541079发表于 Jan 02, 2009

I have used this product several times, with good results. I notice better sleep, symptoms clearing up, and more energy. I will continue to use it as needed.


Love it!

Reviewer2281768发表于 Mar 03, 2010

It's one of the few systems that attacks yeast infections in the gut and elsewhere, and I've tried many of them!


Comes highly recommended

Reviewer2137682发表于 May 30, 2009

Detox for Women recommends this product and Candex and to alternate the two. Most experts say you need to switch up your attack strategy to combat candidas, however I was so happy with Candex, I didn't use this one much. Used it for four days while waiting for more Candex to come in and didn't feel like it worked as much. I plan to try to use it again though since four days is probably not enough time to give a product before judging.


fungus/ yeast

Reviewer2052573发表于 Mar 12, 2007

By the second day using this product I began to feel more energy and my sugar cravings vanished. I would not have beleived it had I not been the one it was happening to.


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