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These creams work!

Reviewer1406241发表于 Jan 12, 2011

I have been using these Reviva Day and Night creams for about 2 weeks and am seeing a lightening of sun spots on my hands and legs. I have tried two other products, one much more expensive than these, and the Reviva creams are much more effective. Not at all irritating to my skin either.


Yes, it is fading my spots.

Reviewer2295762发表于 Nov 07, 2010

I am a golden brown skinned woman and noticed I was getting light sun spots around my upper cheeks and nose. The spots are getting lighter but slowly. I've used the day cream every morning and the night cream every night for two and a half weeks now. I can see the difference but have had to be diligent. And it will probably be two more weeks at least before my spots are gone. The results were not as fast and immediate for me as they were for some other people but I recommend the product.


wonderful set

Reviewer1739315发表于 Jul 10, 2011

After month of using I see the results. These creams really do their job.


Good-bye dark spots

HealthyLiving发表于 Apr 06, 2012

I was pleasantly surprised how well this product lightened my brown spots on my face. It may not be effective for all skin types, but it worked fantastic on my very fair skin. I really didn't think I could get results like this without a medical procedure.


great product

rudiary发表于 Oct 04, 2010

It works


Easily absorbed.

Reviewer2107177发表于 Dec 02, 2010

This cream is non-sticky and non-greasy. I use both the day and night cream regularly and religiously for approx. 3 weeks and the skin does look brighter and more even-toned. However, it does nothing for my dark spots and freckles. I guess this is only effective enough for overall brightening and any spot treatment is best left for other more powerful whitening products.


Quite alright

Reviewer1273397发表于 Jun 25, 2011

The skin on hands got lightened after first application. Perhaps have to constantly apply it many times a day if sun exposure is high.


well evens skin

Freederika发表于 Dec 23, 2010

well evens skin - traces of pimples, spots. I had no irritation from using the cream.


Not sure

divelanai发表于 Oct 23, 2011

I have used this product for about two weeks and I am not sure if I like it or not. I imagine it will take some time to see any effects. I beleive it might be causing my face to breakout. It seems to leave my face a little oily feeling.



Reviewer1439465发表于 Jan 03, 2012

I do not think the cream is strong enough for my brown skin I started to notice light spots that I did not want light and I went out and bought vantex from fashion fair it works better for me.


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