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Effective and fantastic price

Reviewer1972794发表于 Jul 30, 2009

This is an effective product for me. I am in my early 50's, female, and have been using very high-end Dr. P products for years. I decided to try this product and a couple others. Right now, the products I have purchased from iherb will be my purchases of the future. My skin texture is so nice. My skin looks fresh. I am also using products with peptides and DMAE, C-Ester and ALA. I work for a facial plastic surgeon. Patients are constantly assessing my skin and I get compliments every single day. So far, I have avoided surgery.


A Great Product For Its Price

Reviewer1662324发表于 Mar 15, 2010

Have tried using the cream for about a week and felt that it smoothes and moisturise your skin. I have combine this cream with the glycolic acid cream and it has wonderful results. The face glows and the skin is very clear. I love it and will continue using it.



Reviewer1533331发表于 Oct 12, 2011

I am in my mid-40s, but most hardcore anti-aging products break me out. Not this one. You would not believe the difference. Of course, this is coming from someone who has been using anti-acne products and glycolic acid, so maybe I noticed a huge rejuvenescence because I had not been addressing the aging problem before. Still, it's a great product. Goes on smooth and makes such a difference in my skin texture. My skin looks translucent (but at my age that just means more veins ;). Recommended.



Reviewer3310425发表于 Oct 03, 2012

Finally found a cream worth the high price. It absorbs and actually does help with the fine lines I am getting at 35. And it is natural which is so very hard to find.


from New Zealand

Reviewer1463786发表于 Dec 28, 2009

This is very light cream. It goes very well over the Source Naturals hyaluronic serum at night as on it's own is not moisturising enough for my skin. Use it also on the back of my hands and around the eyes (where it seems good). Will need to use it for several months to see if it really makes a difference.


Incredible product!

Reviewer1770999发表于 Jun 22, 2011

I'm 59 years old and this is one of the best skincare, anti-aging products I've used (and I've tried a lot)! The price is very reasonable, especially considering a similar product at a local plastic surgeon's office is at least twice the price.


Great cream

5632236252799714622发表于 Feb 28, 2013

I love this cream and reviva hyalronic acid which I use under this one.


Very good

Reviewer1590074发表于 Feb 07, 2014

Next best of Reviva's creams after EFA. It's heavier and more sticky than EFA,but not greasy and it's very good. Smells nice of nothing! Will buy again.


see no difference

Reviewer2019598发表于 Sep 21, 2010

this product has done nothing for my skin...would not buy again


skin changes within days

Reviewer3091023发表于 Dec 04, 2014

This is fantastic product. I also use/d Dr P products and have over the years, very expensive. I will use this and the Reviva products with peptides, C ester, ALA and DMAE from now on. This Reviva product has reduced the age of my hands by years in 7 days. Its not a moisturiser. It corrects sun damaged skin cells and has brought youth and healthy thicker skin... If you dont need it give it to your ancient wrinkled thinning skinned parent. I will to mine in their 90's.


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