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My Favorite Tea

Reviewer2009889发表于 Oct 15, 2012

I have enjoyed this tea for several years. I have never tasted better. Thank you Iherb for carrying this product now. I love one-stop shopping.


love it

4739706578481200697发表于 Dec 25, 2012

great taste, like it


Great Loose Leaf Tea

Reviewer1686088发表于 Sep 02, 2013

This is the first loose leaf tea I have ordered from iHerb. I normally order tea in bags. This jasmine tea is wonderful...love the taste and the packaging!


Why is the box so big?

5110869369090783977发表于 Feb 18, 2016

Very nice and fragrant tea. The box could easily hold double the quantity of tea, which I don't find too nice. At least the tea is good...


good brand

Reviewer1448049发表于 Oct 15, 2013

Rishi is a good trusted name in tea and the loose tea is organice which is important to me. Jasmine is my favorite tea which I have every day.


amazing taste

Reviewer2356316发表于 Feb 26, 2016

this tea is amazing. It has an authentic and significant jasmine smell and taste. I was surprised by intensity of the jasmine in this. It also doesn't get bitter or overly dark if I over steep which is surprising. I love, love, love this tea. My only disappointment is that I paid around $5.25 ish the last time I ordered it a few months ago (I ordered a few boxes). Now its $8.50! Not sure how often I will be buying it now :-( really disappointing.


Fantastic taste!

Reviewer1756096发表于 May 13, 2016

Great jasmine taste! I love the smell! And it's organic. (But why is the box so big? Not very Eco-friendly. But anyway; loose leaf tea is more eco-friendly than tea-bags). I use 3 drops with Sweet Leaf liquid stevia in a big cup of tea.


Love This Tea

5494027453363181406发表于 Jun 19, 2016

I like this Jasmine Green Tea because it's organic, It has a good light taste. My sister calls it "flowery", but I don't taste that at all. The Jasmine is just the right amount. Two scoops, before the water boils, and let steep for 3 minutes it's perfect. I drink a cup a day and it calms me. If you like the green tea that is dragon type, you might find this to light. I've been ordering this for some time from iherb. I have been happy with it, but the last time, the tin was quite smashed and the oil I bought with it leaked all over it. The tea is packaged in foil, so it was ok.


Tasty Jasmine Tea! Nice Price Too!

BeckySue发表于 Mar 13, 2015

I appreciate that this tea is USDA Organic. This is a fresh and soothing green tea scented with the enchanting aroma of jasmine blossoms. Green tea has so many health benefits too!


Great flavour

5492807217605148263发表于 May 06, 2014

I really like this tea and have ordered it numerous times from iherb


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